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Top tips for keeping your allergies calm on your Summer travels!

Blog / Seasonal Allergies / Top tips for keeping your allergies calm on your Summer travels!
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Holiday season is coming up and we want you to be as prepared as you can to have the best time away with your family or friends! These tips and products will help to ease your allergies and sensitivities and help you to enjoy the summer.

Allergies and sensitivities are far ranging and can include eczema, asthma, hay fever, dust mite allergy and chemical sensitivity.  At The Healthy House we have useful advice on the best way to keep your skin feeling at its best, and what the best products are to achieve this. To keep your allergies under control, we have many products to help you enjoy your summer!

Are you unsure where to go for your summer holiday because of potential allergy triggers?

Here is some helpful advice on what to make sure you have with you, and what to look out for on your summer adventure, to ensure all your allergies are kept under control.

When going away, research the destination. Having an allergy means you have to be aware of triggers which could affect your allergies on a day to day basis.  Certain areas for instance may have higher pollen counts than others. By planning ahead, you can still enjoy travelling and holidays in the UK and abroad.

Should I stay in the country or by the sea?

You may already have a summer get away planned, if not here is some inspiration for the best environments for your skin.

When deciding on your destination it is useful to consider your individual pollen allergy. For example, if pollen from grass is a problem, it may be an idea to limit time spent in rural areas where grass pollen may be higher at certain times of the year.

Choosing the coast as a destination can do wonders for respiratory and skin allergies. The reason for this is because it helps for easier breathing. If you suffer from allergies and hay fever, being by the sea will help to relieve symptoms and help to blow allergens away giving you a rush of fresh air! Being by the sea can also provide relief.   

Pack well and in advance!

Don’t leave it until two days before you leave. Make a list to check that you have all the things you may need particularly if you want to take specific products that may need to be ordered in advance. 

If you are going on holiday and worried about how your skin or allergies are going to react to the pool water, sea or different bedding, or even sleeping outside you need to be prepared. Take time before you go to get your skin in the best condition before your holiday. Protective bedding and moisturising products will help your skin to be holiday ready.

Wherever you are heading for your holiday, sleeping somewhere new can be a concern if you have skin issues. Sleep is a crucial time for your mind and body to restore itself.

Your first priority is to avoid house dust mites. The faeces generated by these creatures contain a protein (Der p1) that you may react to.   This can trigger a runny nose, sneezing and wheezing in those that are sensitive.  For asthmatics and eczema sufferers house dust mites can also be a symptom trigger.   

Cotton Dust Mite Proof Sheet Sleeping Bag is an ideal choice for both children and adults.   The dense weave acts as a physical barrier to the allergenic faeces of the dust mite and the material itself has no chemical treatment.  In accommodation you may find that the bedding has been washed in harsh detergents so the sleeping bag will also protect you from the residue of the detergents that remain in the bedding.  

Do not forget that this can be used long after your holiday; for instance, when family members are staying with friends. 

The pillows within accommodation have been in very close contact with previous guests.  If you are holidaying in the UK by car, taking your own pillow or a dust mite proof pillow case or a terry waterproof pillow case and a new pillow case can make all the difference. 

Hay fever

The idea of sleeping under the stars or staying over for your party weekend at a festival in the countryside may at this point seem idyllic. But for anyone suffering from hay fever it can be an uncomfortable experience causing itchy eyes, coughing and wheezing and persistent sneezing. 

Portable sized balms such as HayMax and wearable masks can be very effective in reducing exposure to pollen.  Depending on where you are; UK or abroad you may find that there different pollens in the environment that you are not used to encountering.  If you have something to hand that can minimise your reaction it is likely to be alleviated much sooner. 

Skin care & toiletries

Our variety of fragrance-free skin care will be a perfect addition to help keep your skin calm for your summer holidays. All the products are perfect for sensitive skin.

Haircare products, face and body lotions, shower products and sun care that have been designed not to aggravate existing conditions and are produced without harsh chemicals and essential oils are a sensible choice.  We always recommend that you check the ingredients of any toiletries prior to using if you are particularly sensitive. 

Wherever you are planning on going this summer we also do a travel friendly allergy pack. The travel allergy pack contains a spray for beds and soft furnishings to deter dust mites, a spray for the air to remove airborne allergens such as pollens, and a picaridin-based insect repellent to deter midges and mosquitos. Perfect to put in your bag or suitcase!

If you are on the go on your holiday this summer, staying hydrated is very important.  If you are holidaying in the UK you may want to consider taking our Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter with you on your travels – which will ensure drinking water free from contaminants when it is filled with tap water and the water has moved through the filter.  Alternatively, you may want to take drinking water with you on-the-go in one of our glass bottles.  This saves on plastic waste, undesirable aspects that can leach into the water and they are refillable. 

Be prepared but do not forget to enjoy your travels! 

Disclaimer: Information included in this blog post is intended for information purposes only and is not to be used as a substitute for consultation with a medical practitioner. Images not necessarily to scale.

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