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Top tips on living consciously in an electronic world

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Whether we like it or not, we know that electrosmog is here to stay. Now we have to learn to use it with respect and awareness of the potential long term health risks.

1. Know what you are dealing with by buying or renting a meter

Did you know that today we live in a society estimated to contain 10 billion times more radio-frequency radiation than it did just 50 years ago? The World Health Organisation has named powerline and radio frequency radiation as “possible carcinogens”.

Home Meters and Professional Meters – For Wireless Devices and Wiring
We all live and work surrounded by electrical fields of one sort or another. Measuring the fields with a meter may put your mind at rest knowing that you are not being exposed to an excessive amount of electromagnetic radiation. Alternatively it may alert you to where the hot spots are allowing you where possible to take measures to reduce your exposure to these fields. We offer a range of meters either for rent by the week or to purchase.

2. Place your Wi-Fi router where it has least impact on your family and turn it off at night.

By using the Acousticom 2 you can hear the pulsing of the Wi-Fi router. Move it to a location where the fields are less likely to impact on your family. Note that the fields can extend to upper floors or through walls so it is particularly important to measure not only your own space but the fields that may be coming through adjoining walls.

The Wiring Meter Home – Pocket PF Meter measures low frequency electric and magnetic fields from household wiring, power lines and mains electricity. Easy to read LED lights and sound signals.

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3. Use a laptop on a table not on your lap or place it on a WaveWall Anti-Radiation Laptop Case.

The radio frequency fields can penetrate into the body so always place your laptop on a table top rather than resting it on your body. Be aware that some give off high electrical fields when they are charging. This comes from the transformer. As an alternative our recently added WaveWall Anti-Radiation Laptop Cases allow you to place your laptop on the case on your lap, helping to protect you from the electrical fields.

Other sources of electrosmog

~ A WiFi router in the neighbour’s home
~ A mobile phone or TETRA mast close to your home
~ Smart Meter
~ Digital baby monitor
~ Games console
~ Microwave oven
~ DECT phone base station and each handset
~ Tablets, iPads and mobile phones
~ Hairdryer and any electrical appliance
~ Plugged in electronic calculator

4. When watching a video on a tablet turn it to Airplane mode.

Tablets give off high fields as they constantly search for signals. Once you have downloaded the video you want to watch you can switch the device to airplane mode. This is particularly important when the children are watching videos. Encourage them to sit as far away from the tablet as possible.

Use a WaveWall Anti-Radiation iPad Case if you have an iPad Air2 or an iPad Mini 4.

5. Carry your mobile phone in a handbag or use a WaveWall protection case.

In the small print of your mobile phone manual you will find that it tells you to carry your mobile phone not closer than a certain distance from your body (this varies depending on the make and model of phone but usually between 5/8″ or 1.6cm to an inch or 2.5cm from the body. Carry your phone in a separate bag away from your body or use a WaveWall, which offers you a protective case in which you can carry your mobile phone in your pocket, shielding the fields. The WaveWall Flip not only helps protect you when carrying your phone, it also helps to protect the head when making a call.

Protecting yourselves by changing your habits

One way of reducing your immediate exposure to electrosmog is to change your habits.

~ Carry your phone in a case or away from your body.
~ When speaking on a mobile keep it as far away from your ear as possible, put it on speaker phone or use WaveWall Air  Tubes.
~ Use a laptop or tablet on a table not resting on your body. Or use a WaveWall Anti-Radiation Laptop Case to rest on your knees and then put your laptop onto it.
~ Hard wire your internet connection on your computer, or turn the Wi-Fi off when not in use.
~ Don’t let your children “play” with your mobile phone or tablet. Radio frequency fields penetrate the head and body of small children even more than they do for older children and adults
~ Use a Green8 Evolution on your mobile phone or
~ Use a smartDOT on mobile phone or any electronic device

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