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14 travel allergy tips dont take your symptoms with you!

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1.      Speak to your GP well in advance of setting off. Ensure your medications are up to date and fit for travel use – you may need to check with the embassy of the relevant destination that your medication is allowed and how much you can bring.

2.      Keep important medications in your hand luggage, not in your hold luggage (airline regulations permitted) in their original packaging with a copy of your prescription. Don’t forget to check storage instructions and expiry dates!  

3.      Bring a pair of wrap-around sunglasses if you suffer from hay fever – they will help to block the amount of pollen reaching your eyes.

4.      Again if you have hay fever, shampoo your hair each night and remember pollen can attach itself to your shoes and clothing.

5.      When choosing somewhere to stay, check that it’s a pet-free room. If you have severe indoor allergies, it may help to look for a room with tile or wood flooring rather than carpet, as it traps less allergens.

6.      A beach holiday is a good choice if you’re prone to hay fever – pollen levels tend to be lower by the water.

7.      Certain ingredients in sunscreen can irritate eczema prone skin and should also be avoided if you have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity). For example oxybenzone is a potential hormone disruptor and octinoxate produces free radicals that can accelerate the ageing process*.

8.      Bring your own bedding if dust mites make you feel unwell. Barrier cases are an ideal choice as they prevent dust mites from breaking through, due to the density of the weave. If chemical treatments bother you, the versions we offer have not been treated by insecticides and are naturally dust mite resistant. To complement the bedding, our Travel Allergy Pack is conveniently packaged with air travel in mind and contains naturally effective allergy sprays.

9.      Food allergy? Bring a written list of ingredients you need to avoid, inform your airline well in advance, and if you are extremely sensitive, bring safe snacks with you in case you get stuck. Travel wet wipes can be handy if you need to clean tables or trays for residues of the foods you’re allergic to.

10.   If you are chemically sensitive, strong insect repellents might flare up your symptoms. Look for natural-based repellents based on natural essential oils, for example EcoCitrocin.

11.   Heat can cause eczema to flare up, so take care to reduce your exposure to sun and high temperatures. It may help to bring your own allergy-friendly toiletries because hotel toiletries may be harsh on your skin.

12. Have you booked a hire car? An in-car air purifier such as the XR-100 removes dust, pollen, moulds and VOCs including cigarette smoke, in-car upholstery smells and exhaust. A great choice if you want to remove airborne allergens and irritants.

13.   An air purifier isn’t just for home – there are portable versions available. A personal wearable air purifier is battery-operated and ideal for removing pollen, dust and pet allergens. The Roomaid HEPA air purifier runs on just 12V and comes with a transformer, making it ideal for removing particles, smoke, bacteria, viruses and even airborne heavy metals in a caravan, car or hotel room.

14.   A portable shower/bath dechlorinator and drinking water filter may be helpful if you are severely chemically sensitive or have eczema.

Wherever you’re jetting off to, we wish you a happy, relaxing and allergy-free holiday!



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