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Your quick guide to whole house water units

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What health benefits does a whole house water unit have for me and my family?

The main benefits of a whole house water unit is the removal of chlorine from all the water in your house. Chlorine attacks organic compounds (people are organic) so it will dry your skin and also effect your airways. Chlorine is not dissolved in water and is given off as a gas so it will affect your skin as well as being inhaled.

The other benefit is the removal of particles are collected in the pipes that bring the water to your house and are released into your water. These particles can be rust, metals and bacteria.

Can I remove the water unit if I move house?

Yes, you can move the whole house unit. The installation instructions are written so that you can move the water unit. We can advise you how to do this either when you are ready to move or before you install the unit.

Where is the water unit placed in your home?

The whole house unit is normally placed where the water comes into your house. This is normally in a utility room or under the kitchen sink. If the water comes in under the sink it may be possible to divert the pipe if the unit can be placed in an area with more room.

Can I install the whole house unit myself or do I need to employ a plumber?

The whole house water unit can be installed by an experienced DIY person but it is probably best to get a plumber to install it. The reasons are that the unit needs a bypass system and it can be awkward to find the best place to put it and have access to change the filters.

We are a family of five with two bathrooms – what system would you recommend?

With that number of people and 2 bathrooms it is advisable to have a WH6 unit since it has the lowest pressure drop.

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What chemicals does the heavy metal filter remove from the water supply?

The heavy metal filter is made to remove lead first. Once the lead has been removed then it will remove mercury and other heavy metals

How long do the filters last? 

The filter will last anywhere from 6 months to up to one year depending on the water usage and the amount of contamination in the water. The best way to decide if the filter is spent is if you can smell chlorine in you shower or bath water then it is time to replace the filter. The Healthy House will send you a reminder when the filter needs changing.

If I have a whole house system, what should I install for drinking water and will it remove fluoride?

We usually recommend that you install a separate drinking water system, which additionally will remove bacteria, viruses and heavy metals. A single undersink unit will not remove fluoride, but if you install a double undersink drinking water system a fluoride filter can be placed in the first housing and an Ultracarb in the second housing.

Are there any buildings/homes which cannot accommodate a whole house water system?

Yes, if there is insufficient room where the water comes into the house for example under the kitchen sink or in another particularly awkward and tight location.

Is there likely to be a drop in pressure once the filter has been installed?

Yes there will be a drop in pressure. The normal water pressure is 3.5 bar. A bar is 14pounds per square inch (psi) so normal pressure is 49 psi. With the standard WH3 unit the pre-filter will drop the pressure by 2psi and the carbon filter will drop the pressure by 9 psi so the total drop is 11 psi or about 0.8 bar. So the normal pressure will drop to 2.7 bar.

If your pressure is low you can use a WH6 which has 2 carbon filters which has a pressure drop of 4psi so the total drop is only 6 psi or 0.4 bar leaving the pressure at 3.1 bar. If you have a combi boiler or a mega flow system you do need a certain amount of pressure to activate your system. This varies depending on the system. If you have any questions about this please give us a call.

 Can I use the water filter if I use a bore hole?

You can use the whole house filter with a bore hole but you will also need a UV filter to kill the viruses and bacteria in order to have clean safe water. Please give us a call to discuss your needs and for us to advise on sizing and other details.

Can you install one if you have a Quooker?

Yes it is a good idea to install a whole house filter since it will remove the chlorine from the water. The warmer your water is the faster the chlorine is given off as a gas. Therefore it is advisable to remove the chlorine so you are not breathing in the fumes.

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