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When Oskar visited The Healthy House office

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We’d been experiencing a few static shocks from our office equipment, and our Office Manager, Ann, had been struggling to shake off a bad cough. This suggested to us that the air in the office was a little on the dry side.

We decided to test out the new Selina hygrometer to measure the relative humidity (rH) of the air in the office. It confirmed our suspicions – the rH was as low as 37%!

At The Healthy House, we generally recommend to our customers that for optimum comfort levels, the air in your home should be between 40 and 60% (between 40 and 50% if you have mould allergy). So, it was time to call in Oskar!

“Instant relief” for sore throats

We unboxed the Oskar humidifier and were pleased at how compact and lightweight it was. We simply poured water using a jug into the compartment up to the marker, fitted the top section of the humidifier on to the bottom, plugged it in and switched it on. You can select the speed, and then the humidity output using the hygrostat. You can set it to between 40 and 55% rH (indicated by the number of blue LEDs), but we chose the ‘constant operation’ option. When Oskar runs out of water, a red light reminds you to refill the unit. There’s also an option to add a few drops of essential oil to the separate fragrance container, but we didn’t do this as we like to keep the office ‘fragrance-free’, for the benefit of our chemically sensitive customers and staff.

Unlike many humidifiers, this unit doesn’t emit any visible steam. This gives the added benefit of no spillages or mess. It’s also virtually silent.

Almost immediately, we noticed a difference in the air – with Ann even commenting that it gave “instant relief” for her sore throat.  We’re also all experiencing less electric shocks.

The humidity levels displayed on the hygrometer rose quite quickly and the office air feels less ‘stuffy’ and more comfortable now. So, Oskar gets a big ‘thumbs up’ from all of us at The Healthy House. Looks like he’s here to stay!

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