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Microwave Detector - Pocket Acousticom 2 - Rental

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Microwave Detector – Pocket Acousticom 2 – Rental


  • Good basic meter to measure wireless fields around your home
  • Measures signal strength from devices such as mobile phone masts, Wi-Fi, smart meters and microwave ovens
  • Detects fields from 200 MHz to 8 GHz
  • Easy to use meter show signal intensity by LED lights and sounds
  • Please read terms and conditions of rental

Rent the Accousticom2 for one week and easily measure the fields from WiFi devices in and around your home.

The Acousticom 2 microwave detector enables you to find out exactly how strong the radio-frequency electromagmetic fields are in your environment, whether at home or ‘out and about’. Covering a broad frequency range from 200 MHz – 8 GHz, this detector will pick up radio-frequency electromagnetic fields from devices like smart phones, mobile, DECT phones, Wi-Fi and smart meters. The readout is sensitive to 0.01 V/m

If you have electrical sensitivity or you are simply concerned about the potentially harmful effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields, the Acousticom 2 is a very useful tool to have at your disposal. As a result of being exposed to radio-frequency EMF radiation, people have reported symptoms such as headaches, tiredness, irritability and heart palpitations. Read more about the debate over radio-frequency. By being aware of the fields surrounding you, you can take simple steps to reduce your exposure, such as moving your bed or favourite chair away from areas with high levels of EMF radiation.

Which type of sources can the meter pick up?

Your Acousticom 2 will detect fields from outside sources of radio-frequency EMFs as well as inside sources. For example, it will detect the following:


  • Mobile phones and masts
  • Radar signals
  • EMFs from cars
  • WiMax
  • TV transmitters


  • DECT (cordless) phones
  • Baby monitors
  • Bluetooth
  • Laptops and tablets
  • Televisions
  • Wi-Fi
  • Microwave ovens
  • Burglar alarms
  • Wireless games consoles

Simple to use with easy-to-read results

This advanced microwave detector is lightweight, discreet and easy to use. The radio-frequency measurements are given as an audio signal (go to the ‘Hear the Sounds’ tab to help you identify what the meter is measuring). You’ll hear a ‘background hiss’ and when a signal is being picked up, a distinctive sound will be heard. This enables you to identify the source of the signal, for example from a TETRA mast to a Wi-Fi router.

A set of LED lights ranging from light green to bright red will indicate the signal intensity, suggesting whether any action is required. An alarm will ‘click’ when high levels are detected. This feature can be disabled if not needed.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

I accept terms and conditions of rental

Radiation Detection

Microwave Ovens, Mobile Phone Radiation, Phone & TETRA Masts, Wi-Fi

Rent or Purchase?

Rent for 1 week


Detector Rental Terms and Conditions

  1. The rental period shall be for one week. The detector will be sent by next working day delivery so that the week will be calculated from its scheduled delivery date.
  2. If you wish to prolong the rental period for another week, please notify The Healthy House by email or telephone by the last day of the current rental period.
  3. You are responsible for returning the detector to us so that we receive it within two days of your rental period ending.
  4. You are responsible for notifying us if the detector is not being returned so that another week’s rental can be charged. Should we not receive the detector back within two days of your rental period ending you will be charged for a further week.
  5. The detector must be sent back to The Healthy House in its original packaging including its outer box and any inserts that came with it.
  6. Please be sure that the detector is covered by insurance should it be damaged in transit or go astray.
  7. Payment for rental must be by credit or debit card on the understanding that if we do not receive the detector back or if it is returned damaged the customer will be charged for the full retail price of the unit or, if applicable, for the cost of repair. Since payments on our website are on a secure site we do not have access to your card details. When we receive an order for rental, we will phone you to obtain your card details. These details will be entered into the vault of our secure payment site for safekeeping and will be deleted from that site once the detector is returned and any outstanding charges (if applicable) have been paid.
  8. If the detector is lost or damaged in transit it is the customer’s responsibility to claim compensation from the Post Office or carrier.

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