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Microwave Detector – Pro-Acoustimeter – Rental


  • Please note: Rentals are currently suspended until after lockdown.
  • The Wireless Detector Pro-Acoustimeter is a professional meter that measures a broad range of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields
  • Enables you to check radio-frequency electromagnetic field levels in your home so you can take steps to reduce your exposure
  • Simple to use and suitable for beginners, with LED light, audio and digital display
  • Sensitive to 0.02V/m, meaning that it can pick up even small levels
  • Please read terms and conditions of rental

Meters are rented constantly and we cannot always guarantee that they will be in stock. Our customer service team will contact you or you can ring us to confirm availability.

Get an accurate idea of the levels of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields in your home with this detector

Is your home full of modern ‘gadgets’ like cordless phones, smart meters, Wi-Fi and wireless games consoles? These devices emit EMFs (electromagnetic fields). Some people, especially those with electrical sensitivity, find that being exposed to these fields can make them feel unwell. Even if you do not experience immediate symptoms, the long-term safety of exposure to these types of fields has yet to be conclusively established.

If you’re keen to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic fields in the home, renting an Acoustimeter is a great way to gain a greater awareness of the fields that may be surrounding you. This technologically advanced yet user-friendly detector is suitable for beginners to use. It gives you a clear picture of the levels of the fields in your home (or work place), enabling you to make adjustments to the layout of your furniture to minimise your exposure if necessary.

This clever EMF Detector measures fields from 200 MHz to around 8000 MHz, covering most modern communication devices.

Renting the Acoustimeter allows you to measure the fields in your home or office for a very low cost. If you feel the benefits of understanding your electrical environment help you make some great adjustments then owning an Acoustimeter is highly recommended to be able to constantly monitor the ever-changing environments. 

Simple to use – no technological knowledge required!

Despite its accuracy (sensitive down to 0.02V/m) this meter is very simple to use. Anyone can measure the fields in their environment, with a handy sound output helping you to decipher the signal modulation. Your Acoustimeter rental comes with a manual, which gives clear instructions on how to get the most out of this device. It also includes a rough guide to which levels of frequencies might trigger symptoms in people with electrical sensitivity.

The scales of coloured LED lights give you an instant picture of the field strengths, enabling you to identify any ‘hot spots’ in your home. Click on the “Hear the Sounds” tab and you’ll find a range of audio samples, to help you differentiate between the sources of the fields.

The lightweight, handheld detector can be used straight away with no complicated set-up required. If you need to listen carefully to the fields, a headphone socket is provided. You can also connect the Acoustimeter to a recording device to demonstrate the levels of fields in your home to others.

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