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I AM Organic Medium Wool Duvet

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I AM Organic Medium Wool Duvet


  • A medium warmth duvet filled with bouncy, lofty British wool
  • 100% organic wool filling and smooth organic cotton cover
  • Tog guide 8-12 (perfect for spring, autumn and winter months)
  • Naturally temperature-regulating, mould and dust mite resistant for a great night’s sleep

Enjoy a restful night’s sleep with temperature-regulating wool

If you’re prone to overheating at night, or find it difficult to keep warm, this organic wool duvet is an ideal choice.

The unique natural composition of wool fibres mean that, when used in a duvet, they have the ability to regulate your body temperature – just like on the sheep!

The breathable fibres are able to transfer both heat and moisture away from the body to keep you cool, as well as retain heat when it’s chilly outside. Rather than just being an insulator (like feather, down and synthetic materials), wool is a natural temperature regulator. In this way, it can be considered both warmer and cooler than a duvet with a similar tog rating.

The wool used in these I AM Organic medium weight duvets is minimally processed, to ensure it retains its natural heat regulation properties. Wool is even capable of regulating the temperatures of two separate people in one bed!

100% organic wool filling for supreme softness and comfort

This duvet filled carefully-selected organic wool, sourced directly from Soil Association certified UK farms. It is graded and separated by a wool merchant, then thoroughly washed at a UK scouring plant to remove dirt and excess lanolin. The clean wool is combed into fine layers to make it soft, lofty and bouncy. It is then quilted and sewn into the GOTS-certified soft cotton cover. The cotton cover has a thread count of 250 and is calendered to give it a smooth, lustrous finish.

Medium wool duvet suitable for spring, autumn and winter months

At approximately 400-450gms per square metre, this versatile medium weight duvet is perfect for the British weather. Its insulation level is similar to an 8-12 tog rating as a general guide, but due to the temperature-regulating behaviour of wool it is not quite accurate to compare it to polyester, down or feather. Wool not only insulates just as well if not better than these materials, it also is much more breathable. It helps you to keep cosy when it’s chilly, and stay cool when it’s warm.

Naturally deterrent to house dust mites and mould – ideal for allergies

Tiny, hook-like cuticles cover each of the fine wool fibres. These, combined with any small residues of lanolin, make the duvet resistant to both house dust mites and bacteria. The naturally breathable properties of the wool help to wick away moisture, deterring mould and bacterial growth. All in all, this is a hygienic choice whether you sufferer from allergies or not.

Medium weight duvet for cosiness all year round

This medium weight wool duvet is cosy enough to use all year round, filled with 400-450gms of wool per m/2.  It can be compared to an 8-10 tog rating.

As this product has undergone no harsh chemical treatments, you may notice the natural smell of wool on your mattress topper. For this reason, you may wish to air out your wool mattress topper for around 24 hours before use.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Bedding Characteristics

Dust Mite Resistant

Casing Material

100% organic cotton

Thread Count



Classic Flute



Bed Size

Single, Double, King, Super King




Suitable for Tumble Drying

No – spin and line dry

Duvet Sizes

Single: 135cm x 200cm


Double: 200cm x 200c


King: 225cm x 220cm


Super King: 260cm x 220cm

Care Instructions


We recommend hand washing this duvet, although it can be washed at 30°c on a dedicated wool cycle.
Spin and line dry. Do not tumble dry.


Please note: Due to the pure natural materials used within this product and the lack of harsh chemical bleaches and treatments, you might notice that this duvet has a slight natural smell (which some people in fact find to be quite pleasant!) If you don’t like the smell, not to worry – it dissipates very quickly.

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