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Baavet Light Weight Wool Duvet

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Baavet Light Weight Wool Duvet


  • Enjoy a great night’s sleep with this lightweight natural wool duvet
  • Wool is naturally heat-regulating and ideal for year-round comfort
  • Naturally dust mite resistant so may help to ease allergy symptoms
  • Ideal for people who are sensitive to feathers but want to avoid synthetic fillings
  • Made from pure Welsh wool

Enjoy a great night’s sleep with the wonders of wool

If you’re looking for a natural duvet without feathers, then wool is a solid choice. An ideal duvet filling, it is breathable and insulating to keep you comfortable in all weathers. Due to its unique properties, it is thought to be warmer than an equivalent tog polyester filled duvet, and cooler at the same time!

Known as “the world’s most breathable fibre”, wool is able to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, helping to regulate your own body temperature just like it does on the sheep. The Baavet wool is minimally processed to retain this natural heat regulating quality.

Ideal for allergies and chemical sensitivity

The natural moisture-wicking properties of wool make it naturally deterrent to mould and bacteria growth. The lanolin and tiny ‘hooks’ inside the wool fibres also make it difficult for house dust mites to survive inside the duvet. The additional 240 thread count cotton cover is also dust mite proof.

Baavet duvets are free from harmful chemicals and have not undergone any harmful chemical treatments. The wool inside is thoroughly scoured and carded to ensure hygiene.

Light wool duvet suitable for spring, summer and early autumn

This is a lighter wool duvet, suitable for the spring, summer and autumn, with 300-350gms per sq m. As a general comparison, it has been compared to a 4-8 tog rating. Wool is warmer than equivalent polyester or feather tog rating gram for gram. It can also feel cooler due to the natural temperature regulating properties.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Bedding Characteristics

Dust Mite Resistant

Casing Material

100% Cotton

Thread Count



Classic Flute



Bed Size

Single, Double, King, Super King




Suitable for Tumble Drying


Duvet Sizes

Single: 135cm x 200cm


Double: 200cm x 200cm


King size: 225cm x 220cm


Super King: 260cm x 220cm

Care Instructions

Wools is a natural self cleaning fibre which actively repels mould spores, bacteria and dust mites.


Only wash your Baavet wool duvet if visibly soiled.


We recommend you try to air your duvet at least once a year by hanging outside on a sunny day as UV light is a natural cleaner that will kill any surface bacteria and dust mites.


Should you have any visible soiled areas then spot wash smaller stains.   If this is not possible then you can hand wash your Baavet duvet with care. Leave to soak in cold water, drain and soak again with fresh water, gently sponging any stains.  Drain the water and hang to dry.


Any dry cleaning should also be a very gentle process.

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