• The hidden beauty of the sleepmat is the energydot, which offers soothing energy
  • The energydot will help to harmonise energy fields
  • Each sleepmat is made up of soft organic cotton layers
  • Gentle wash at 30°C

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The hidden beauty of the sleepmat

The hidden beauty of this sleepmat is that an energydot is stitched between the cotton layers at the centre of the mat. This is programmed with powerful resonant Phi Technology. Place anywhere in your bed, under the mattress or pillow, inside the pillowcase or even in the bed with you. Also remember to take it with you when you are sleeping away from home.

The sleepmat with energydot has been designed to counteract harmful energies and support better sleep. Radiation from Wi-Fi and the electronic devices we use daily can affect our sleep patterns.  The energydot radiates a natural energy field which helps to soothe and normalise your energy field. This helps restore your own energy field and encourages your body to relax for a good night’s sleep.

Babies and children are considered to be more vulnerable to the effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation, which makes this sleepmat ideal.  If using this sleepmat for your baby, why not attach the smartdot to your baby monitor to ease the effect of further energy interference?

The energydot will help to harmonise energy fields

The energydot in the sleepmat is designed to improve sleep and bring a sense of calm, a clearer mind, focus, fewer headaches and an overall feeling of well being.

Each sleepmat is made up of soft organic cotton layers

The organic hand-made sleepmat is made from soft cream cotton, with the sacred geometry symbol of the Seed of Life embroidered in green on the front.

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Additional information

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Washing Instructions

The sleepmat can be washed on a delicate low (30°C) temperature as it is organic cotton. The DOT incorporated in the comforter is fine to be washed and the function will not be affected.

How Energydots Work



The energydots are small magnetic discs which contain an energy signature (in a similar way to the information stored on a bank card or cassette).  This signature is designed to act like a ‘tuning fork’ to harmonise and reduce the effects of EMFs on the body. Each type of dot has a slightly different energy signature to help it to form its unique role.


How do they work?

To understand how phi energydots are designed to work, we need to understand about our own energy field (or ‘biofield’ as it is called).


What is a biofield?

The human body is itself electromagnetic. The biofield is thought to be the individual, complex energy fields that live within and around us. In itself the biofield is not believed to be electromagnetic.


People have believed in the existence of energy fields for centuries, across many cultures. In China the biofield is often referred to as ‘Qi or Chi’, in Japan it is called ‘Ki’ and in India it is ‘Prana’. In 1994, the United States NIH (National Institute of Health), a biomedical research facility in Maryland, adopted the term biofield to describe the energy fields that surround us.


The biofield is thought to be comprised of intricate elements. These are:


  • A structure of meridians, through which subtle energy flows
  • The 7 chakras, thought to be energy points that may regulate the flow of energy in the body

According to physicist Dr Yury Kronn, the biofield “is an energy that is not identical with electromagnetic energy.  It is a subtle energy that plays the role of ‘software’ for human processes on all levels, physical, emotional and mental.  It is an energetic communication system for those processes.”


Which things can influence our biofield?

Many people believe that we are always exchanging energy with other living beings and the world around us. This can be positive or negative. For example, you may find that the presence of some people energises and uplifts you, while other people may bring you down. Environmental factors such as air pollution, radiation from smart technologies and mobile phones, stress and a poor diet are all thought to suppress our natural energies and compromise our biofield. This may make us feel imbalanced, apathetic or tired of day to day life.


How can the energydots help?

The energydots work on a similar principle to homeopathy. Underpinning these products is the belief that a solid substance (the dot) can act as a storage device for an energy signature. To visualise this, think of how information on your credit card is stored within a chip, or how music can be stored in a cassette tape or CD.


The subtle resonance of this energy signature may interact with our energy field and the electro-magnetic communication within our bodies. Global Energy Solutions have undertaken experiments in which a person’s energy field appears to become stronger, more balanced and more coherent.


A stronger more coherent energy field is thought to support our physical well being too.  For example, physical improvements such as positive changes to the red blood cells have been observed.


This dynamic and continuous process observed could be the process of ‘entrainment’.  Another example of entrainment is when two pendulums are swinging out of sync they will come together and move in the same swinging rhythm.  If two people are placed in an electro-magnetically sealed room and their brain waves are measured they will also synchronise.


This is the principle on which the energydots have been designed. The idea is that wearing a biodot or attaching a smartdot to your phone can help retune and rebalance your biofield, making it stronger against external influences like EMFs.


More research needs to be done in this new, growing field, but from what we’ve seen so far, there is a large amount of anecdotal evidence which suggests that the energydots are effective.


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