Bauschi Lux Duvet 4.5tog

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Bauschi Lux Duvet 4.5tog


  • Breathable and lightweight duvet with a 4.5tog rating
  • A luxury alternative to animal fillings –   ideal for allergies
  • Bouncy polyester hollowfibre filling for lightweight softness
  • Can be machine washed at 60 degrees
  • Suitable for sufferers of dust mite allergy if kept dust mite free through regular washing

Summer light duvet ideal for allergy sufferers

Are you allergic to animal fillings like down and feathers? This summer-light Bauschi Lux 4.5tog duvet by luxury bedding brand Brinkhaus is an ideal synthetic alternative. The soft and breathable fibres help to keep you cool overnight.

With lofty premium polyester hollowfibre, this duvet has a similar ‘bouncy’ feel to luxury down and feather fillings. Warmth is trapped inside the fibre making it ideal for lightweight insulation, whilst the resistant fibres give the duvet structure and support. Strong and durable, the polyester hollowfibre retains its shape and loftiness over time and even after washing. You can machine wash this duvet at up to 60 degrees, making it ideal for those who want to remove allergens.

With a square shape box stitching, the duvet retains its texture throughout with no lumps or bulges.

The fine cotton satin casing gives a luxurious feel and perfectly protects against house dust mites.

Clip to another Brinkhaus duvet for year-round warmth

This hypoallergenic summer duvet can be combined with any of the other duvets of the same size in the Brinkhaus range (purchased individually) to suit your comfort and warmth requirements. Each one has strong press studs (nickel-free metal), making it easy to both combine and separate the duvets as required.

Healthy and hygienic cotton casing

The premium cotton casing on each of the Brinkhaus duvets has been medicott® treated. This is a mechanical process rather than a treatment with harsh chemicals or fungicides. It ensures that the cotton remains resistant to fungi and microbes for a hygienic finish.

If you are concerned about protection from house dust mites and their allergens, this duvet is an ideal choice. Suitable for sufferers of dust mite allergy if kept dust mite free through regular washing

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
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Machine Washable

Suitable for Tumble Drying

Brinkhaus Brand

Why choose Brinkhaus for allergy bedding?

Established in 1847 in Germany, Brinkhaus bedding is a go-to brand for quality and supreme comfort. Many Brinkhaus products are ideal for dust mite allergy. The feather and down products are encased in very tightly woven cotton, which is impermeable to dust mites. The Morpheus and the Bauschi duvets can be kept dust mite free through regular washing.


Medicott treated for cleanliness


Fungus can occasionally grow on cotton fibres due to their natural origins and warm humid conditions. Some of these fungi can trigger allergies. To combat this, all Brinkhaus cotton cases are treated (mechanically, not chemcially) with medicott. This makes the cotton casing resistant to the growth of fungi.



Duvets keep us warm because the filling traps air in the case. Brinkhaus duvets offer an incredible combination of insulation and light weight, with breathable fillings.


Which filling should I choose?

It’s up to your individual comfort and warmth requirements, along with the climate in which you live. For a light, cool duvet, goose down is recommended. Slightly heavier than down are cotton, silk and wool which are ideal for breathable warmth.


Cotton is a great choice if you are sensitive to animal feather duvet fillings. The alternative to that, for those who prefer synthetic fillings, is polyester.


Which tog rate should I choose?

The higher the tog rating the better the insulation of the duvet. Some of the Brinkhaus duvets can be combined together for custom warmth and comfort – a ‘year-round’ option!


Which material is best for me?



Ever-popular, down is brilliant for moisture absorption and insulation. Its breathable nature helps you to stay warm and dry at night.




Silk is the ultimate choice for luxury and cooling softness. Ideal for summer duvets.




Man-made duvets and pillows are a comfortable and hygienic choice for those who cannot tolerate natural fillings. They are washable at up to 60 degrees C, making these ideal for dust mite allergy sufferers.




Wool regulates your temperature, just like it does on the sheep! Able to absorb up to 30% of its total weight in moisture, it adapts to your temperature to help you stay warm or cool.


Looking after your Brinkhaus duvet or pillow

Follow these guidelines for years of comfort from your Brinkhaus product:


  • Use a duvet cover to protect your duvet from damage and wear.
  • Shake and fluff the filling of your duvet to keep it fresh and plump. Do not shake fleece or natural fibre filled duvets.
  • Regularly air your duvet in dry weather to keep it fresh and deter dust mites, which can cause allergy symptoms.
  • Only clean if your duvet is soiled. Where possible ‘spot-clean’ your duvet if necessary using gentle laundry products free from bleach, rinse and dry gently and thoroughly.
  • For practical reasons Brinkhaus recommend professional cleaning when a duvet is soiled. At The Healthy House we do not recommend chemical dry cleaning for any bedding products. This can be a highly toxic process and residues remain in the products which can offgas while you are sleeping. You can wash down-filled duvets using a washing machine (up to 7kg for single duvets and larger as needed).
  • Wash your duvet separately, with 2-3 clean tennis balls (or dryer balls). Rinse well and dry completely using a large tumble dryer at a low temperature.

Medicott Certificate





The spores of mould and mildew are known to be a cause of allergies.  Their damaging influence can be combated by means of a special process technology.  We have therefore treated the cloth for our quilts and pillows using the MEDICOTT® process.  When cleaned correctly this process inhibits the cultivation and nidation of mould and mildew – also when the product is wet for some time.  Does not use fungicides, microbicides or bactericides.  Preserves the cotton fibre and supports its durability. 

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100



How can you ensure that the textile product you are buying is free from harmful substances and chemical treatments?

If you have allergies or multiple chemical sensitivity, this may be a question you ask yourself frequently. Thankfully, there are a number of independent certifications that can offer you reassurance.


One of these is the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. This is an independent certification, established in 1992. The aim of this certification is to show that a textile product (from bedding to clothing) poses no risk to your health. 


When you buy a product with the OEKO-TEX® label, you can be reassured that it is kind to your skin, free from harmful chemical treatments. It is a vigourous testing process which gives you peace of mind, so you can buy textiles with confidence. 


The closer a textile product comes to your skin, the stricter the requirements it must fulfil.


The certification goes above and beyond existing legislation, forbidding chemicals which are known to be harmful to health but not officially banned. All in all, the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is a great quality seal to look for when you’re shopping for clothing or bed linen, particularly if you have chemical sensitivity or skin allergies. 


OEKO-TEX®   certified materials are internationally and scientifically tested. The OEKO-TEX®  logo certifies excellent human ecology. Strict testing and controlling parameters assure a constant high quality of the products. Working together with notable testing institutes, a fully integrated quality control system has been developed. 


Whilst some finished products are certified, other products are made up of only certified materials. This means that the product itself has not been tested but the components have been tested and certified. Since there is a fee for all certifications, it is usually the products that are supplied and manufactured by smaller companies that have the individual components tested but not the finished product. We have given the specifications on these products as Oeko-tex standard because there are only Oeko-tex certified materials used.


Sometimes we are asked why a particular product does not have a label on it to say that it is Oeko-tex standard. Again it is usually the larger manufacturers who provide labels on their products because the price of producing labels for individual products can be prohibitive for smaller manufacturers – it would also have to be reflected in a higher retail price.


We are always happy to answer questions about the certifications of the products we offer, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you need verification. 

Delivery Information

Not available for next day delivery


This item is made up to order and is dispatched directly from the supplier. Dispatch can take 7 – 10 working days. Courier is DPD who will notify you via e-mail when your order is collected and will send a text to give an hour slot on the day of delivery. (When ordering please supply a mobile number.)


The direct delivery charge of £6.00.

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