Blueair Cabin P1 Car Air Purifier

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Blueair Cabin P1 Car Air Purifier


  • Silent in-car air Purifier
  • Small and powerful
  • Electrostatic and mechanical filtration
  • Offers a wide range of filtration
  • Filter replacement indicator

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Silent in-car air Purifier

This compact, powerful and silent in-car air purifier purifies the air while the car is in use. It offers secure placement to minimize any distractions to the driver.

Small and powerful

This small and powerful little machine is designed for small to medium cars and gives 360o air in and outlets.  A control knob enables the driver to either change the 3 speed options or to activate the Clean Cycle program.

Electrostatic and mechanical filtration

The powerful fan delivers air to the machine quickly and the electrostatic filter captures almost everything that passes through, giving you complete filtration as quickly and quietly as possible.

Offers a wide range of filtration

Blueair’s HEPASilentTM advanced filtration technology offers a wide range of filtration. It provides more than 95% filtration efficiency against PM 2.5, benzene tyre wear, pollen, dust, formaldehyde and industrial emissions and has been tested to meet or exceed global standards, such as GB, CARB, CB and AHAM.  The particle and carbon filter consist of a non-woven multi-layer PET/PP blended fibre laminated with activated carbon pellets.  The large surface area of filtration allows for a lifetime of up to 6 months and prevents premature clogging.

Filter replacement Indicator

The filter replacement indicator on this clever little unit, gives you the reassurance that your unit will always be running at full capacity.

Additional information

Weight 2.38 kg
Multi Select Filtration

, , , , , , ,

Room Size (m²)

Air Flow Range (m3/hr)

Air Purifier Technology


Independent Ioniser

UV Bulb

Ozone Output

Not Tested

Noise Levels


Power Consumption

CADR Combined

Filtration Size

Dimensions (mm) HxWxD

Filter Replacement Indicator

Filter Longevity (mths)


Speed Settings

Auto Mode

Night Mode

Remote Control

Digital Display


Casing Material



Air Inlet Position

Air Outlet Position

Product Weight (Unboxed)

Manuals & Documents

Click here to download the Blueair Cabin P1 user manual

Filter Replacement Service


Whether you purchase air purifiers, dehumidifiers or water filters, or any of their replacement parts we offer you peace of mind. We will add your name to our reminder service. In accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines we will send you a gentle reminder that your unit may need replacement parts. Maintaining its efficiency will continue providing you a healthier environment.


We will be able to supply you with your required replacements. We maintain stock levels of filters and cartridges even after a manufacturer may bring the original unit to an end. This means our customers can rest assured of our commitment to servicing their requirements long into the future.


If you do not wish to be included in our service then we can simply unsubscribe you. Similarly, if you have not purchased the units or replacements from us before you may ask to be included in our service for future use.


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