Cambridge PRO Face Masks

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Cambridge PRO Face Masks


  • Patented carbon filtration technology
  • N99 rating of more than 99% of particles
  •  99% of harmful pathogens are removed and killed by the silver treated carbon filter
  • Filters almost 100%  bacteria and viruses, pollution and gases.
  • Mask does not filter industrial chemicals or oil based particles such as paint
  • Can last up to 340hrs

Patented carbon filtration technology

The Cambridge masks use patented carbon filtration technology made from 100% pure activated carbon cloth, developed by the UK Ministry of Defence who went on to extensively develop it for use in chemical, biological and nuclear warfare protection. The 100% pure activated carbon cloth is made from pure carbon and sourced from pure carbon.  The creators of the carbon layer use a very unique method to create the fabric, involving two furnace processes and treatment with silver to help the antiviral properties.

N99 rating of more than 99% of particles

N99 rating guarantees consistent filtering of more than 99% of particles including PM10, PM2.5 and even PM0.3

Removes harmful gases and fumes

All activated carbons have the unique potential to absorb gaseous molecules, including anions and cations into their internal pores.  The filter material is made up of a series of activated carbon filaments, which are about 2,000 nanometers in diameter, making the adsorption of pollutant gas, much faster and more powerful.  The high number of filaments are spun into yarn and then woven into cloth. Mask does not filter industrial chemicals or oil based particles such as paint.

Absorbs and kills bacteria and viruses

Bacteria and viruses are drawn to the filament surface more efficiently because there is so much more available surface than in granular carbon. The activated carbon cloth traps the bacteria and draws out the gel-like cytoplasm inside killing it and preventing infection.  Silver is added which helps to enhance these antibacterial/viral properties.  Stops 99.6% of viruses and filters and kills 99.77% bacteria.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Mask Type

Washable Face Mask

Multi Select Filtration

Carbon Monoxide, Chemicals and Fumes, Dust & Dust Mite, Mould Spores, Odours, Pet Dander, Pollen, Viruses & Bacteria

Item Size

Small, Medium, Large, X Large


Admiral Blue, Churchill Black, 65 Roses

Replacement Filter/s Required


Clothing Type

Hats, Face & Eye Masks

Cambridge Filtration Technology

Cambridge Masks Sizes

Cambridge Masks come in sizes suitable for the whole family.  Given the variation in face shape, we find it is easiest to use overall body weight as a guideline for what size mask to wear.

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