Cool Call Anti-Radiation Device

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Cool Call Anti-Radiation Device


  • Use with your existing headphones
  • Absorbs radiation travelling to your head
  • Improved audio quality
  • For use with phones, laptops and tablets
  • Independently tested

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Absorbs radiation travelling to your head

Plug this little device into the 3.5mm audio jack of your phone, laptop or tablet and simply attach your own headphones. The microwaves which travel to your head via the metal core of your headphones will be absorbed by the Cool Call.  Cool Call will not remove the radiation from your phone as this would prevent it from working.

If using any of the iPhones which has a lighting connection you will need to use the lightening connector adaptor before the Cool Call and then plug in your jacked headphones into the Cool Call.  (If you have headphones with a lighting connection this will not work with this device).

Cool Call will not protect you from radiation emitted from wireless headphones or headsets.

If you are only listening to music on your phone it will still be emitting radiation as it is always reaching out and receiving signals for updates messages as well as calls. Remember also that if you are receiving poor reception your phone will increase it’s power in an attempt to connect to the network and the damage to your body may be increased.  We would advise the use of a smartDOT or Green8 evolution to help harmonise these intense frequencies.

Improved audio quality

The quality of sound through the headphones is not compromised in any way by the Cool Call in fact we would say that it is improved. Audio sounds clearer, richer and more detailed, a definite benefit for music lovers and those who listen to audio books.

Independently tested

Electromagnetic frequencies (specifically those between 800 MHz and 4 GHz, commonly known as microwaves) which are emitted from the phone or device, and which would ordinarily travel straight up the cable past the thyroid and salivary glands, eye and enter the audio canal – a highway to the brain – is absorbed by the H.A.R.D. Protection technology within Cool Call.  Cool Call contains one of a series of powerful dielectrics which we utilise in our own gelatinous formulas contained in sealed chambers within the device.

Cool Call utilises different dielectrics to suit the specific requirement of our various anti-radiation products.  For the H.A.R.D. device we use a titanium oxide based dielectric, CCTO, suspended in a unique formula gel, with a dielectric constant of 10,200ε, which absorbs unwanted electromagnetic frequencies that either parallel track the less than 1 volt signal travelling up the cable or act as an antenna for ambient electromagnetic frequencies.

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