DermaTherapy® Sleepsac

DermaTherapy® Sleepsac


  • Create a low-friction, non-irritating sleep surface with this sleeping bag
  • Can help with eczema, pressure sores, acne, night sweats and recovery for performance athletes
  • Ideal for business trips, sleepovers and holidays
  • Dust mite proof and washable at high temperatures
  • VAT exemption available for sufferers of allergies

Enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep at home or away

If you have an itchy skin condition like eczema or psoriasis, or you suffer from night sweats, staying away from home can be uncomfortable. Standard cotton or polycotton bed linens can be abrasive on sensitive, broken skin. The unique DermaTherapy fabric is specifically designed to create a much smoother, low-friction sleeping surface. This Sleepsac is a soft fabric sleeping bag with an integrated pillow case. It can be used at home or can be taken with you on holidays or trips away.

Channels away moisture to keep you dry at night

The unique microfibres direct moisture and perspiration away from your skin and disperse it across a wider area on the surface of the fabric, enabling it to quickly evaporate. This ‘channelling’ effect helps to keep you dry and cool throughout the night. This sleeping bag is ideal if you have night sweats or are prone to overheating at night. Overheating can also exacerbate eczema, so this feature is an added benefit if you have an itchy skin condition.

Antimicrobial finish helps to maintain hygiene and freshness

The antimicrobial treatment helps to reduce build-up of bacteria and germs within the Sleepsac, even after washing. It keeps your sleeping bag fresh and eliminates fabric odours that bacteria can cause.

Dust mite proof and washable at high temperatures

The DermaTherapy® Bedding is dust mite proof, which can be a great advantage to people with eczema. With a pore density of less than 8.5 microns, the tightly woven fabric physically blocks out the mites and their allergens.

The SleepSac can also be washed on a hot wash, which not only helps to remove the residues of creams and oils but will also kill any dust mites that get onto the surface. The ‘soil release’ finish helps to lift stubborn stains and residues more easily on a standard wash – ideal for removing greasy ointments and blood stains from scratching.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Cover Material

DermaTherapy Microfibre, Synthetic

Bed Size


Bedding Characteristics

Antibacterial, Dust Mite Proof, Therapeutic




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 Bed size Linen type

Pillow Case


Fitted Sheet

Flat Sheet

Duvet Cover


50 x 77cm   70 x 140 x 10cm 50 x 100cm  


50 x 77cm 90 x 230cm 90 x 190 x 20cm 180 x 275cm 137 x 200cm


50 x 77cm   137 x 190 x 20cm 230 x 275cm 200 x 200cm


50 x 77cm   152 x 198 x 20cm 275 x 275cm 230 x 220cm

 Super King

50 x 77cm   183 x 198 x 20cm   260 x 220cm

How Dermatherapy Bedding Works


DermaTherapy is designed to channel moisture away from the skin and distribute it evenly to evaporate over the whole surface of the bedding allowing the skin to remain dry.


DermaTherapy is constructed from uniquely shaped microfibres which create channels in the fabric to wick moisture away from the skin


  • The uniquely structured microfibres draw and channel moisture away from the skin and distribute it evenly over the whole surface of the bedding.
  • The moisture evaporates from the whole surface of the bedding, allowing the skin to remain dry.The continuous filament woven yarns are designed to be smooth – minimising friction with the skin. DermaTherapy is 37% smoother than cotton sheets.


The loose fibres protruding from the surface of polycotton bedding creates lint that you see in your tumble dryer. These loose fibres can also be transmitted through the air and can irritate delicate and broken skin. DermaTherapy produces no lint and so removes this potential problem. It also means that the fabric will not wear out as quickly as conventional bedding. A durable antimicrobial finish helps maintain fabric freshness and eliminates odours caused by bacteria and fungi.


  • The development of this fabric technology results in a cleaner, drier, smoother and more comfortable sleeping surface. For those who suffer from skin conditions or tend to over-heat at night the difference is truly remarkable.
  • DermaTherapy also has a soil release mechanism which helps to remove oils, medications and blood from the fabric using normal washing methods


% Reduction after 24hours
E. coli 99.9% 0
Staph.aureus 94.0% 0
Staph.epidermidis 99.9% 0
P.aeruginosa 99.9% 18.0%

VAT Exemption

DermaSilk® clothing and DermaTherapy® bedding is available VAT exempt for sufferers of eczema. If you suffer from eczema and are purchasing products VAT exempt you will be asked to read and confirm the terms at the checkout.


This is your declaration and does not need to be confirmed by a medical practitioner.

Delivery Information


DermaSilk® and DermaTherapy® products are Direct Delivery and therefore not eligible for free Standard Delivery  The delivery charge is £6.00.


They are not available for Next Working Day delivery. Orders are shipped with Royal Mail and usually arrive within 3 to 4 working days.

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