Dust Mite Controller

Dust Mite Controller


  • Do dust mites make you sneeze, cough or cause congestion?
  • Just plug in the dust mite controller for 24hr protection against dust mites
  • It may also help you reduce the symptoms of asthma

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The electronic dust mite controller is clinically proven to reduce dust mites to aid dust mite allergy. The dust mite controller produces inaudible 40,000 hertz sound waves that cover an area of 62 m³. These ultrasound waves have been proven in independent clinical trials to reduce allergies caused by dust mites.  The symptoms of these allergies include asthma, coughing, sneezing and congestion. It does this by interfering with their breeding and feeding cycles. The dust mite controller does not use any chemical substances. It is completely safe and ecological and effectively reduces the number of dust mites.

Scientific trials on this electronic dust mite controller show a dramatic reduction in the allergens within the first few days of use. The disruption to the reproductive cycle shows that over a period of weeks and months the dust mite population is greatly decreased. Simply plug into any 240v socket and leave in an unobstructed position near your bed, chair or sofa. Inaudible and harmless to humans and pets.

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