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Ecosoft 2.5" x 10" Carbon Block - 10 Micron

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Ecosoft 2.5″ x 10″ Carbon Block – 10 Micron


  • Maintains the level of filtration
  • Provides clean drinking, cooking water
  • Reduces Chlorine, Organic Matter and Sediment down to 10 micron
  • Improves taste, colour and odour

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2.5″ x 10″ Carbon block filter for Drinking Water Systems including Imperial and Reverse Osmosis

Provides clean drinking and cooking water.
The carbon block filter reduces content of chlorine and chlorination by-products, concentration of toxic heavy metals, phenol, oil products and pesticides.
Improves colour, taste and odour in the water.
Due to its block structure the filter also reduces sediments down to 10 microns.

This filter will fit other 2.5″x 10″ housings.

Max filter capacity 15,000 L

Changing the filter

We recommend replacing the filters every 6 months or when they reach their filtration capacity, whichever is sooner.

The replacement filter is intended for cold water only
After the filter replacement, discard at least 10 litres of filtered water.

Additional information

Weight 0.385 kg

Pesticides, Chlorine, Organic Matter, Taste & Odour

Filter Longevity

up to 6 months

Micron Size

10 micron


Cruelty Free
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