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Spend £50, save 5% with healthy5, Spend £100, save 10% with healthy10

Ecosoft P'ure Balance Reverse Osmosis

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Ecosoft P’ure Balance Reverse Osmosis


  • 6 Stages of filtration with mineralising filter
  • AquaGreen technology is economical and environmentally friendly
  • Optimal and constant amount of minerals
  • Simple installation
  • Available pumped and mounted on a metal frame or unpumped
  • Replacement filters stages 1,2,3,5 & 6
  • Replacement filter stage 4
  • Scroll down for further information

6 Stages of Filtration with Mineralising Filter

This new and truly advanced 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis has AquaSpring technology which makes your water fresh, tasty and healthy by remineralisation with calcium and magnesium minerals.

Reverse Osmosis technology

Reverse osmosis technology removes up to 99.8% of pollution from water. This is the most advanced way to obtain purified drinking water on tap.

280 l/day Dow Filmtec™ reverse osmosis membrane is the core part of the filter. It purifies water at the molecular level, retaining all varieties of pollution, including bacteria and viruses.

The reverse osmosis membrane is a semi-permeable polymer fabric. Its pores are 200 times smaller than the size of viruses, therefore membrane cleaning guarantees complete biological protection. Water purified in such a way does not need to be boiled. It is completely safe for people of any age, including small children.

AquaGreen technology is economical and environmentally friendly

The final AquaGreen filter cleans the water to the highest specification allowing the water to easily pass through the membrane, reducing the need to flush away impurities giving optimal filtration and less waste, making it economical and environmentally friendly.

Quality of mineralized water*





   TDS, ppm


   Calcium. ppm


   Magnesium, ppm


   Sodium + Potassium, ppm


   Bicarbonate, ppm


   Chloride, ppm


*20°С influent water temperature. Lower water temperature during the colder season may lead to lower product water mineral content, and warmer temperature may lead to higher mineral content.

** After one hour or more standing time, the mineral concentration in the first glass of water may exceed the stated value.

Simple installation

The installation of this reverse osmosis does not require a plumber, if you have good DIY skills it can be installed easily by following the enclosed instructions.

Possibility of horizontal and vertical installation

The sleek design of this unit allows for the unit to be installed either vertically or horizontally depending on the space available to you.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg

Bacteria, Chloramine, Chlorine, Fluoride, Heavy Metals, Limescale Reduction, Organic Compounds, Particles

Purifying Technology

Reverse Osmosis


12 months

Filter Type(s)

1 Micron Pre-Filter, 5 micron Pre-Filter, Granulated Activated Carbon, Membrane, Post Carbon Filter, Re-mineralising Filter

Water pressure required (bar)

3 – 6

Casing Material




Plumbing Required?



Unit size (mm)

Pumped 485 x 410 x 195, Unpumped 310 x 440 x 195

Tank Dimensions (mm) HxWxD

350 x 260 x 260

Tank Capacity (l)


Product Weight (Unboxed)


Manual & Documents

Click here for Ecosoft P’ure Unpumped Date Sheet

Click here for Ecosoft P’ure Pumped and Mounted Data Sheet

Installation Video

Changing Filters Video

Filter Replacement Service

Whether you purchase air purifiers, dehumidifiers or water filters, or any of their replacement parts we offer you peace of mind. We will add your name to our reminder service. In accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines we will send you a gentle reminder that your unit may need replacement parts. Maintaining its efficiency will continue providing you a healthier environment.

We will be able to supply you with your required replacements. We maintain stock levels of filters and cartridges even after a manufacturer may bring the original unit to an end. This means our customers can rest assured of our commitment to servicing their requirements long into the future.

If you do not wish to be included in our service then we can simply unsubscribe you. Similarly, if you have not purchased the units or replacements from us before you may ask to be included in our service for future use.

With best wishes

                             The Healthy House® Team

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