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FabriCleanse Allergy Laundry and Carpet Liquid - 300ml

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FabriCleanse Allergy Laundry and Carpet Liquid – 300ml


  • Neutralises allergens and dust mites in the washing and on your carpets
  • Denatures up to 90% of dust mite allergens
  • Helps to relieve the symptoms caused by dust mites, mould, pet allergens and pollen
  • Also neutralises bed bugs and carpet moths

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FabriCleanse has the same effect on allergens in the laundry as HomeCleanse™ has on furnishings. It is a liquid that you can add to the water for both hand and machine washing. It neutralises 99.9% of dust mites, and reduces allergens by over 90%. It can also be used to control bed bugs and carpet moths.The key ingredients are eucalyptus and benzyl benzoate. The solution is suitable for synthetic and natural fibres. FabriCleanse should be put into the detergent drawer at the start of the washing cycle. The benzyl benzoate is washed out of the fabric in the rinse cycle.

The eucalyptus has a strong smell when the washing is wet but dissipates as it dries. For very sensitive people we recommend using it for hand washing first.

FabriCleanse can also be used to add to your carpet cleaner to get rid of dust mites, bed bugs, carpet moths, pet dander and pollutants in the carpet for that fresh “spring clean” feel in the home. Added at the rate of 1ml per litre of carpet fluid, the eucalyptus and ylang ylang together with a balsam based extract ensures no re-infestation for up to three months after application. It is safe for you, your children and any pets you may have.

Once opened use within thirty six months.

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Natural Essential Oils





Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil (CAS NO. 8000-48-4) Benzyl benzoate, CAS NO. 121-51-4,C12-13 Pareth 3

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