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Geomack Energetic Vitalisers

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Geomack Energetic Vitalisers


  • Designed to help reduce symptoms of electromagnetic stress, helping you to feel more refreshed, stronger and energised
  • Designed to help cleanse properties of negative energies, helping you to feel more positive
  • 3 sizes available so you can benefit from the GEOMACK anywhere, in a studio flat or a large house
  • New extR models now 5G ready

Designed to help reduce symptoms of electromagnetic stress, helping you to feel more refreshed, stronger and energised

Since the onset of the ‘digital age’, most of us are constantly subjected to radio frequency (RF) radiation from devices such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters and DECT phones. Overhead powerlines, cables and wiring subject us to lower level frequencies.

Over time, more and more people are coming forward claiming to experience negative health effects as a result of exposure to these fields. Symptoms reported include fatigue, insomnia, decreased immunity, irritability and headaches. This is against a backdrop of mounting evidence that exposure to this kind of radiation may cause longer-term health problems.

The GEOMACK Energetic Vitalisers help to give you peace of mind as they are designed to neutralise the potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic stress. They transform the radiation into a type of Schumann resonance frequency (thought to be necessary and beneficial for human life).

The Energetic Vitalisers are so simple to use – just stand them up and go! They don’t use mains power and do not lose their effectiveness over time.

Designed to help cleanse properties of negative energies, helping you to feel more positive

Geopathic stress is the term given to the effects on wellbeing felt by humans in response to specific energies in the earth.  Certain underground geographical occurrences can cause electromagnetic fields to be released into the area above. When people live in these areas, sometimes they experience negative feelings and even health effects.

The GEOMACK products are not only designed to help combat electromagnetic stress; they also may help to beat the effects of geopathic stress, helping to clear away negative energies.

Using a crystal-based resonance technology, the GEOMACK is designed to harmonise these energies, helping you to feel brighter, calmer and re-vitalised.

3 sizes available so you can benefit from the GEOMACK anywhere, in a studio flat to a large house

The GEOMACK is available in 3 sizes (and a handheld version) so you can use it whether you just want to address a small area in your home or a large area that spans over two floors.

Each unit will neutralise a different size area. The E4004EXT and the E9004EXT will cover both the ground floor and the floors above. For more information click on the Sizes tab.

The 14 day returns policy applies, but should you wish to keep the unit for up to 3 months before returning, we will apply a £10.00 restocking charge. The unit must be returned in all its original packaging in saleable condition.

New extR models now 5G ready

All previous Geomack energetic Vitalisers will have good protection against reducing the effects of all Electromagnetic Fields, including 5G, but that will only have a limited effect against 5G.  They would not be anywhere near powerful enough to be ready for 5G. When previous units were in production, there was no way of knowing how powerful wireless telecommunications would become.

In addition we would like to point out that there have been many internal updates to Geomacks over the years since then, so if the customer was concerned about 5G or indeed electromagnetic pollution at all, then it is highly recommend replacing their unit with a brand new one.

Internal updates into all Geomack units recently was specifically for 5G readiness. For that internal update to be present the model numbers will be E4004extR or E9004extR. The model numbers are shown on the back of each unit.

If looking for a more powerful unit the E9004extR is always recommended. Even in smaller properties. This is because it has much more power than the E4004extR.

This extra power in reserve will stand the customer in good stead in the future when there are even more mobile phone masts in our neighbourhoods.

Geomack products are fundamental to your future health and well-being

Geomack units are powerful transmitters of positive charging energies that are beneficial to humans and indeed all living creatures.

These designs have been continually upgraded over the decades, to keep Geomack at the forefront in its field, and also to effectively reduce the harmful effects of successive generations of wireless telecommunications technologies and other sources of electromagnetic pollution. As such, all Geomack products are now 5G ready.

The unique design of the products means that they can rectify negative energies, and transform them into positive energies in the environment we are living in. What is totally unique and so crucial for all Geomack products is the special way they are designed and built to fulfil these energetic requirements.

All Geomack products are a lifetime investment and have a substantial effect in boosting the immune system. Now this function is more relevant than ever before, with the new viruses and diseases in our society, plus the pre-existing issues of influenza and the common cold.

All Geomack products are manufactured following the European General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC, according to the TUV testing laboratory in Vienna, Austria.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Geomack Size

E704ext – 5sq m, E4004extR – 100sq m, E9004extR – 200sq m





E704EXT Energetic Vitaliser

  • Portable unit covers 5m
  • Measures 23x5x5cm
  • Weighs 795g

E4004EXT Energetic Vitaliser

  • Suitable for an average size house with a ground floor area up to 100sq m
  • Measures 70x5x5cm
  • Weighs 2900g

E9004EXT Energetic Vitaliser

  • Our most powerful unit suitable for a large area with a ground floor area up to 200sq m
  • Measures 85x5x8cm
  • Weighs 3620g



How do the Energetic Vitalisers work?
The products interact with the natural electromagnetic fields emanating from the earth creating a charging energetic field. This vitalising field can boost the energy levels of the inhabitants of the relevant property and may also neutralise the harmful effects of natural electromagnetic radiation. The energetic field emitted by the products may also combat the effects of man-made electromagnetic pollution (also called electrostress) caused by electrical appliances, pylons, substations, mobile phone masts, computer equipment, mobile phones and DECT cordless phones.


Will the efficacy of the product reduce with time?
No. Buying an Energetic Vitaliser is a lifetime investment and the efficiency will stay high.


How long will it take to start working?
The unit is designed to work straight away, combating both geopathic stress and electrostress. Depending on the severity of the inhabitants’ health problems, it may take up to two months to clear a property completely of the old energies. It is thought that harmful energy can be stored up in property like a battery. Beneficial and charging energy replaces the harmful draining energy.


What difference can I expect straight away?
Many people have found that the general atmosphere seems better straight away and their health improves instantly. For others it is a more gradual improvement, week by week, feeling more and more revitalised. If they have been feeling particularly unwell before getting one of these products, they generally tend to feel better and better during the first two months.


What kind of benefits have people found by getting an Energetic Vitaliser?
People have reported a wide variety of benefits including: visitors feeling different when entering the property; a calm and more refreshing environment; waking feeling refreshed; a stronger, more responsive immune system, more energy and vitality, faster recuperation from long-term illness, feeling less physically and mentally stressed, increased mental clarity, hyperactive children calming down and greater harmony between family and colleagues.


What is Geopathic Stress?
Geopathic Stress (GS) is the term for a distortion of geo-electromagnetic energies caused by other electromagnetic fields, underground running water, mineral concentrations, fault lines, underground cavities and cosmic radiation. These energies rise up through houses and buildings and affect the occupants in different ways, affecting their natural biorhythms and immune system, and contributing to a large extent to the widespread phenomena of Sick Building Syndrome. These energies have frequencies that may be draining to human beings and, indeed, most animals. People can lose physical strength, energy, emotional stability and happiness.


What are the symptoms of GS?
The most common symptoms of GS are disrupted sleeping patterns and sleeping problems. The immune system is affected and then illness or diseases can easily occur. Other symptoms include feeling agitated or ‘on edge’; always feeling tired and waking feeling tired regardless of how much you sleep; not responding to medical treatment; hyperactivity and aggression; headaches and depression; insomnia and susceptibility to ME, asthma and allergies.


What are the most common symptoms for children?
As well as disrupted sleep and not being able to find restful sleep, the GS energy can put them out of balance so they might either display symptoms of being very tired or the opposite and behave hyperactively or aggressively. Also very common is a depleted immune system, which can result in a whole host of allergies, asthma and a tendency to always get ill and catch everything that is going around, like colds, influenza and in the long-term more serious illnesses.


How is sleep affected by Geopathic Stress and Electro Stress?
Disrupted sleep is the most common and easily recognisable symptom of GS. As a result, the body is not able to heal itself properly as it is being stressed by concentrated earth energies. The body cannot recharge properly because it is too busy fending off the non-human-friendly frequencies from the electrostress source.


How is the immune system affected?
The performance of the immune system can be greatly reduced because, if it is in a geopathically stressed or electrostressed environment, it is using a lot of energy to combat those pathogens alone. As a result the immune system is much less able to defend the body against all other threats.


How can a business be affected by GS?
Sick Building Syndrome is often mentioned in articles concerning environmental matters in offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, shops, factories and other business premises. There are many factors and geopathic stress and electrostress can be among the major contributing factors.


Signs can include frequent absenteeism due to sickness, unexplained tension between staff, illogical dislike of the building even though the staff love the work, loss of concentration and working less effectively, headaches, depression and fatigue. Whether it is a director, an executive or other member of staff, nobody can achieve their optimum if their working conditions are not comfortable.


 What is ‘Electromagnetic Pollution’, ‘EP’ and ‘Electrosmog’?
They are different terms for the same thing. They are electromagnetic fields (EMF) that can be detrimental to human well being. Sources include transformers, heating elements, mains transformers, substations, pylons, railway tracks, microwave emitting mobile phone masts, wires carrying alternating current, heated blankets, motorised beds and computers. If a person is exposed to some sources in a close enough proximity for prolonged periods then health can be adversely affected.


How can GS and ES be detected?
Dowsing is a traditional method for detecting Geopathic Stress. It is the same same technique used by many militaries and water authorities to find water in the underground. One can often deduce the influence of GS and ES by the health problems and symptoms that people and animals experience.


Some health practitioners measure the presence of Geopathic Stress or Electro Stress in their patients with common medical diagnostic equipment like VEGA or MORA machines. Some characteristics of electromagnetic fields, but by no means all, can be measured by electronic meters. For example, at different locations in the field one can take readings of potential difference in volts/metre or the magnetic field strength in Gauss. Readings with such meters merely scratch the surface, so-to-speak, in understanding what these fields can do to human cells and the energetic systems present in every human being, without which we could not function.


Is it true that steel can attract harmful energies?
It has been shown that steel can act as a concentrator for harmful earth energies coming up from the underground or even increase the effect of Electrostress on individuals. For example, if a person sleeps over the garage with a car in it, or over a steel cooker or a steel bed, then these steel objects have often been shown to concentrate the natural energy field coming up from underground and disrupt sleeping patterns. It must be said that the effect on the individuals over steel objects is much less if there is no GS coming out of the ground in the first place.


What is the difference between the units?
The units utilise the same technology, but vary in physical size and in the areas that they cover, which are as follows:


G-Oyster – The vicinity of the carrier


E704 – Covers  –  diameter of 5m / 16 ft


E4004 – Covers a ground area of up to 100 sq m/ 1000 sq ft


E9004 – Covers a ground area of up to 200 sq m/ 2000 sq ft


Which unit would suit my property?
Based on the footprint of the property (ground area of the lowest floor):


0-100 sq m / 0-1000 sq ft – 1 x E4001


100-200 sq m / 1000-2000 sq ft – 1 x E9001


Over 200 sq m / 2000 sq ft – Use multiples of E9001, each covering up to 200 sq m / 2000 sq ft


We only look at the lowest floor of the property, as higher floors are automatically covered by the products’ protective energy field.  The only exception to this is in locations where there is a high level of Electrostress, like very near pylons or mobile phone masts, where it might be advantageous to also have an additional unit on a higher floor of the property, where the inhabitants might sleep.


What is the most important part of my home with regard GS and ES?
The bedroom is the most important part of the house because, it is where you spend about eight hours a day in one place as you sleep. If there is GS and/or ES in this area it is very important to resolve it. Of course, it is also advantageous to cover the rest of the home, so that the inhabitants are always in areas of the house with the new beneficial energies present.


How likely is it that my office or home has GS and ES?

Every home or office inherently has a degree of electrostress due to the presence of the mains wiring system and the appliances that run off it. Most of these are generating a weak electromagnetic field (EMF) with regard the effect on humans, except heating elements, DECT cordless phones and products containing a mains transformer (particularly transformers with a high current draw), which are all creating a much stronger electromagnetic field. Greater factors contributing to ES are from sources which are external to the property, like high voltage overhead electric cables (pylons being the biggest), substations and mobile phone network masts. Whether it is a field from inside the property or from outside the property, being close to strong EMFs over a prolonged period can cause problems. Changing the proximity to these sources makes a massive difference. It is often the case that doubling your distance from the source of the EMF will reduce the field strength by up to 75%.


Why shouldn’t I buy a unit that covers just part of my property?
Covering just your bed, for example, is of benefit to your body but covering the whole property is of even greater benefit because you are exposed to the beneficial energy all the time you are in the property.


Do GS levels change with time?
Yes, in some cases concentrations can move or change intensity. Concentrations of earth energies increase in winter, with heavy rainfall and towards full moon, due to the fact that GS is often caused by the charge generated by underground water streams interacting with the electromagnetic field coming up from the earth. This is another reason it is important to choose the unit/s that can sufficiently cover your premises.


Can I use an E704 to protect me while I sleep?
The coverage of the E704 can protect a double or king size bed in all but the worst cases of distorted earth energies (GS) or man-made ES.  It is also ideal for when you are travelling and staying away from home. It can be placed at the side of the bed, or preferably underneath the bed in the centre. It must be said that it is preferable to cover the whole of one’s own home or workplace.


What if I don’t feel a difference after installing the unit?
We operate a money back guarantee, whereby we will give a full refund if the unit/s are returned in original condition within a period of 90 days from the date of purchase.


How do I install an E4004 or E9004?
Hang the unit up on the wall just off the floor preferably about 15-20cm / 6-8” off floor. It should be placed on the lowest floor of the property.

Each unit comes with full installation instructions.


Why hang the unit on the wall?
The energy fields of our large units, like the E4001 and E9001, can better function optimally when they are hung at the suggested height of between 15-20cm / 6-8”  above the floor. A practical benefit is that it is less likely to get knocked over. Portable units like the E601 do not have a feature to hang them up. They just stand on a desk, on the floor, go in your bag or you can take them with you in the car.


What are the dimensions of the products?
Depth x Width x Height


G-Oyster – 8.5 dia x 2.4 cm / 3 1/3″ dia x 1″


E-704 – 23 x 5 x 5 cm / 9 1/4″ x 2″ x 2″


E4004 – 70 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm  /  27 1/2″ x 2″ x 2″


E9004 – 85 x 8 x 5 cm  /  34″ x 3 1/4 x 2″

How they work

Geomack units are powerful transmitters of positive charging energies that are beneficial to humans and indeed all living creatures.


The unique design of the products means that they can rectify negative energies, and transform them into positive energies in the environment we are living in.


The crystalline and metallic materials selected for our proprietary internal components are outstanding as transmitters of the beneficial energies concerned.


What is totally unique and so crucial for all Geomacks products is the special way that they are designed and built to fulfil these energetic requirements.


These designs have been continually updated over the decades, to keep Geomack at the forefront of its field, and also to effectively reduce the detrimental effects of successive generations of wireless telecommunications technologies and other sources of electromagnetic pollution. As such, all Geomack products are now 5G ready.


All Geomack products are manufactured following the European General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC, according to the TÜV testing laboratory in Vienna, Austria.


At Geomack we always have a 3 months money back guarantee on all retail orders. We are proud to say that our return rate is still under 1 per cent.


All Geomack products are a lifetime investment and have a substantial effect in boosting the immune system.


Now this function is more relevant than ever before, with the new viruses and diseases in our society, plus the pre-existing issues of influenza and the common cold.


The bigger the model of Geomack, the more powerful it is and thus the greater the benefit to the immune system.


Therefore, in these times, the model of greatest benefit in people’s lives is the Geomack E9004.


Case Studies - Geomack

Dr R A Jacobs, MRCS, LRCP, Verwood, Dorset, United Kingdom
After many years’ considerable experience in practising both complementary and conventional medicine, having previously been a General Practitionser (Medical Doctor), Dr Jacobs is convinced that there is only one main obstacle to recovery from illness and that is Geopathic Stress. Over a third of his patients come in suffering from some degree of GS. He is a firm believer that GS can adversely affect the outcome of any therapy including conventional therapies and that one of the most effective ways to neutralise its effects is to install a permanent neutralising device. The Geomack machine is the most effective he has come across and he has now installed one in his own clinic as well as in the homes of so many of his patients.

Hans Hoogeveen, Certified, National Energetic Health Practitioner, The Netherlands
As specialists in Geopathic Stress, Elektrosmog (Electro Stress), detoxification of heavy metals and other related matters, Hans Hoogeveen’s busy practice has enjoyed tremendous success over the years. They even market their own range of energetic homeopathic medicine and can test the blood for effects of GS or ES. These effects include the pH being too acidic, electric polarisation instead of magnetic polarisation, lower oxygen, lower blood sugar levels and a disrupted hormone system. However, Mr. Hoogeveen found that when his clients installed a Geomack product, the blood returned to normal functioning levels. Their energy levels increased and sleep patterns improved considerably. Furthermore, this improved state of vitality and health continued to be sustained as long as the Geomack products remained in situ.

Mayne Sundewall-Hopkins, Looe, Cornwall, United Kingdom
As soon as Mayne relocated to this country she felt uncomfortable in her new home and was plagued by a reoccurrence of old illnesses. Aching muscles, joint stiffness, digestive problems and allergies, all got worse. In hindsight, not surprisingly, her symptoms eased off every time she stayed away from her home. Mood swings and stress contributed to her misery and blood tests proved that she was in perfect health. Her doctor was left with no alternative but to diagnose a viral illness and possibly depression. Having been a therapist herself for over twenty years, she knew that health does not usually deteriorate in one day nor is it corrected in one day but following the installation of a Geomack unit, her less good days are getting fewer and further apart. Her husband’s health has improved, too, and she says even the dog is more lively.

Mrs Elaine Plant, Wimborne, Dorset, United Kingdom
Mrs Plant’s family was being systematically drained of natural energy with serious consequences. Her son had signs of becoming diabetic and her daughter was suffering from ME type illnesses together with recurrent glandular fever. Mrs Plant refused to accept the doctor’s diagnosis that she had cancer and should have a full colostomy. Having been a very active and healthy family, Mrs Plant was completely at a loss as to understand why the family had so many problems. It was proved to Mrs Plant that stress caused by the presence of underground running water, underground electricity cables, overhead power cables and local transformers, had virtually destroyed her immune system and that of the family. After two months with the Geomack unit, all the family noticed a definite improvement in their health. Mr Plant was so impressed that he purchased a portable Geomack which he stands on his desk at work and finds that he no longer has any of the tiredness symptoms associated with his working environment.

Liz Morris, Heavenly Bodies Therapy Clinic, Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom
A course of anti-depressants left Liz feeling tired and sluggish, she simply could not get her old vigour back. Then a friend of hers told her to get in touch with Geomack. Her relationship had fallen apart and even her boyfriend blamed the house they lived in. After three months with the new Geomack unit, Liz says she feels like a new person and the house now has a lot of harmony and balance in it. If anything can make her feel as good as she does now, she says, then it certainly has to be a good investment.

Yvonne and Henk, The Netherlands
Sleeping problems, irritable children, tiredness and lack of concentration had worn Yvonne and Hank’s family down. Following extensive conversations with Geomack, the family agreed to let them come down and test the house. Electrosmog (Electro Stress), re-enforced concrete walls and geopathic radiation was diagnosed as the problem. Following the installation of an Geomack unit, the family says its overall quality of life has improved tremendously, the two daughters are concentrating better at school, they all sleep well and have no petty quarrels with each other any more.

Josette Sciberras, Malta
Ever since Josette bought the Geomack products she says they have worked wonders. Benefits reported include less physical stress, better coping strategies for everyday life and fewer stress related problems. Her parents became calmer and more rational and the fits of depression disappeared. Even the dog is less aggressive and has become warm and loving. Since the installation of a home unit, Josette has purchased a portable unit for her job.

David Swindley, Renowned Hypnotherapist and psycho-dynamic counsellor, Bournemouth, United Kingdom
All the usual benefits that have accrued from the installation of a Geomack unit in the home – fewer headaches, calmer children, and improved sleeping patterns – cannot compare to the amazing benefits Mr Swindley reports from the purchase of the portable Geomack unit. The unit now accompanies him everywhere – office, bedroom, driving, everywhere. Even on the days when he spends more than five hours at the computer he feels his eyes are less tired and his mind flows more freely.

Ave, London, United Kingdom
Temper tantrums are normal in children but they’ve usually grown out of them by the time they are approaching ten years old. Ave was amazed when, after the installation of a Geomack unit, her 8 year old daughter’s tantrums, which had become part of family life they felt they just had to cope with, suddenly stopped. The greatest surprise, however, was with regard to the dogs. Their constant barking ceased and such was the change that visitors to the house commented on it. Ave now has two portable units, too, and her husband’s secretary keeps one on her word processor which they find invaluable.

A. Smith, West Hampstead, London, United Kingdom
Mr Smith believes that the installation of a Geomack product in his flat and the purchase of a portable unit, has quite simply changed his life. Prior to a consultation, he had no idea that two electrical intake boxes just outside his flat and working around VDU and other computer equipment, could make him feel so ill. He was so desperate that he was on the point of moving flats but decided to give the Geomack a try, especially as they came with a money-back-guarantee. After only three days he started to feel better, sleeping well and with fewer headaches and less depression. He now carries his portable unit with him at all times, especially if he is working near electrical equipment.

Carol Power, Feng Shui Consultancy, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Twelve years ago, following a failed marriage, Carol moved into her present house. For years she was dogged by ill health and her relationship with her young son was poor. As she says, little did she know that she was, in fact, living in a ‘sick’ house. Following a degree and becoming a registered auricular acupuncturist, Carol still felt unwell and could not think why. She was, therefore, curious to know what her feng shui teacher would say about the house. The moment he walked through the door he told her that the house was built over an underground stream which was causing a great deal of Geopathic Stress. Ever since installing a Geomack she says the house feels lighter and there was a definite change in the overall atmosphere. Because she has lived so long in negative energy it took a couple of months for her to adjust to it being positive again, but since then she says she has not looked back.

Research - Geomack

Trials conducted by Wageningen University, The Netherlands

These human trials were conducted by Wageningen University in The Netherlands over a period of 12 weeks. The blood analysis photos were taken of live blood. No other changes were made to the trial homes or dietary intake and no medication or other treatments of any kind were undertaken. The only changed paremeter was the installation of Geomack units in the trial houses, of sufficient strength to cover the whole house in each case.

Before unit installation there was a considerable level of Geopathic Stress and Electro Stress present, as can be seen from the typical pre-Geomack installation blood sample photograph titled ‘No Geomack’ (below). In this analysis one can clearly see the ‘Rouleau’ effect, where the red blood cells bunch together in long chains, instead of repelling each other as they ideally would. When they are in energetic balance the red blood cells repel each other due to their polarity. However, when the red blood cells’ polarity is disturbed, as in Geopathic Stress and Electro Stress sufferers, it can clearly be seen that the cells are attracted and form long chains and thus massively reducing surface area and the efficiency of the red blood cells as they are the carriers of the blood stream, which includes transporting all the oxygen around the body. Indeed this effect called Rouleau, means ‘stack of coins’ in French, due to the appearance of the attracted red blood cells. Singular red blood cells have a large surface area to absorb oxygen from the lungs, but are flexible to squeeze through small blood vessels. However, when the red blood cells are in Rouleau chains, it becomes increasingly difficult, if not impossible to squeeze through small blood vessels and, also, there is a reduced surface area to absorb oxygen from the lungs to transport around the body.

The ‘With Geomack’ photograph clearly shows the red blood cells in an independent state, swimming freely so-to-speak, with a hugely increased surface area, and thus, efficiency of the red blood cells in all its functions and of the blood in general. There is very little evidence of the Rouleau effect to be found. This sample of blood was taken 12 weeks after the first samples were taken and is very typical of all the samples taken at this 12 week stage. All samples showed a  very similar and dramatic improvement.

So one can clearly see, in a very visual way, one of the many advantages of Geomack’s Energetic Vitalisers to peoples health, vitality and sense of well-being. This is, of course, in addition to the countless success stories and incredibly high customer satisfaction rate of over 99% that is enjoyed by Geomack products.

Many professional health practitioners who use live blood analysis as part of their treatment, have reported exactly the same findings many, many times over the years when they have prescribed the installation of Geomack products in patients’ homes. These health professionals prescribe Geomack products to their patients, because the patients have shown some small improvement in health because of the treatments they have undertaken, but only a certain improvement and then the patient seems to ‘hit a wall’ where no more improvement can be made. This is due to the patient living and/or working in an environment where there is Geopathic Stress or Electro Stress present, which is depleting the body of it’s essential energetic resources. The most critical place to address is, of course, the sleeping position, and it is also very advantageous to cover the whole of one’s home, so all of the property is filled with the beneficial energies from the Geomack product. Indeed, many health practitioners measure the presence of Geopathic Stress or Electro Stress in their patients with common medical diagnostic equipment like VEGA or MORA machines. Also these measuring devices can easily and accurately measure, from one session to the next session, the improvement in the patients’ exposure to Geopathic Stress or Electro Stress, simply because the patient has installed a Geomack product in their home. They then respond much better to practitioners’ treatment, as they have greatly increased energetic resources because their bodies are not fighting GS and ES.

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