Gravity Light Weight Blanket

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Gravity Light Weight Blanket


  • Handmade & High quality weighted blanket
  • Complete relaxation of the whole body
  • Helps increase wellbeing
  • Helps with stress, anxiety and sleep disorders
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Fully hypoallergenic

Gravity Light Weight Blanket

This Gravity Light Weighted Blanket is like a big hug. Relax, unwind and feel comforted with your new best friend.

The gravity weighted blankets are made from high quality materials and made by hand.

They are filled with hypoallergenic glass micro-beads in pockets. This helps to ensure that the weight of the blanket is evenly distributed over the entire length & width. The glass beads help to keep the blanket breathable while still creating a consistent temperature that feels pleasant and warm, but not too warm.


The Gravity Light Weighted Blanket, can help with your mental health, stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. The blankets can also help with developmental disorders such as, ADHD, Down syndrome, Asperger syndrome or Autism.

Gives you complete relaxation of the body and nervous system. This is helped by the gentle pressure of the weighted blanket, that spreads evenly throughout the body sending you off into a deep sleep.

It helps eliminate anxiety and calms you down giving you a good night’s sleep.

Increasing well-being, feel comforted and at ease.

Soft, warm, cozy and high-quality cover. The Gravity Blanket outer cover is plush on one side and velvet on the other side. It is fully hypoallergenic and comes in light grey, blue & dark grey.

We advise against using a gravity blanket, if you suffer from respiratory disorders, such as asthma or sleep apnea, or if you have problems with blood pressure or heart disease.

Even diabetic patients should talk to their doctor before using the gravity blanket. You should always be able to remove the blanket yourself.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg

100% velour cover and 100% Organic cotton inner



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Machine Washable

Suitable for Tumble Drying


OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

How can you ensure that the textile product you are buying is free from harmful substances and chemical treatments?

If you have allergies or multiple chemical sensitivity, this may be a question you ask yourself frequently. Thankfully, there are a number of independent certifications that can offer you reassurance.

One of these is the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. This is an independent certification, established in 1992. The aim of this certification is to show that a textile product (from bedding to clothing) poses no risk to your health.

When you buy a product with the OEKO-TEX® label, you can be reassured that it is kind to your skin, free from harmful chemical treatments. It is a vigourous testing process which gives you peace of mind, so you can buy textiles with confidence.

The closer a textile product comes to your skin, the stricter the requirements it must fulfil.

The certification goes above and beyond existing legislation, forbidding chemicals which are known to be harmful to health but not officially banned. All in all, the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is a great quality seal to look for when you’re shopping for clothing or bed linen, particularly if you have chemical sensitivity or skin allergies.

Care Instructions

Unzip and remove the blanket inner from the cover.


Cover can be washed at 30°C on a gentle wash in your machine. Blanket can be washed too but be midful of the maximum weight your machine allows. 


Not suitable for tumble dryers.

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