HayMax Organic Allergy Barrier Balm 5ml

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HayMax Organic Allergy Barrier Balm 5ml


  • A fuss-free nasal balm that traps pollen, dust and pet allergens before they enter your body
  • Apply under the nostrils for non-greasy, effective allergen protection
  • Helps to prevent uncomfortable symptoms like sneezing and streaming eyes
  • Drug-free and non-drowsy so you can get on with your day
  • Natural, organic and gentle enough for use on children and pregnant women
  • Simple and convenient – pop it in your pocket for use anywhere

HayMax Balm traps allergens before you breathe them in!

Winner of over 40 awards, HayMax anti-allergen barrier balm is a trusted natural alternative to help relieve symptoms of hay fever and other allergies.

Designed to be applied under your nostrils, this natural balm is proven to trap pet and dust allergens, as well as over a third of pollens, before you breathe them in. Less exposure to allergens = fewer uncomfortable symptoms, like sneezing and itchy eyes.

It’s perfect if you’re looking for a non-drowsy way to help prevent allergy symptoms without side effects, or want a drug-free way to complement your existing treatment.

HayMax has undergone various product trials, including independent studies at the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit at the University of Worcester, which revealed that applying HayMax “trap(s) significantly more pollen than an uncoated nostril”.

A study conducted by Allergy UK showed that HayMax has helped 8 out of 10 people who try it!

Simple and convenient to use – at home or on the go

This tried-and-tested balm comes in a handy little pot that you can pop in your handbag or pocket for round-the-clock allergen protection.

It’s ideal for taking with you when travelling or keeping on your desk at school or work, when you need a little extra protection from airborne allergens.

HayMax nasal balm is different to regular balms. It has been carefully formulated to be sticky enough to effectively trap allergens like pollen, but not so sticky that it feels greasy under the nose.

Natural, gentle and safe

HayMax carries the Soil Association organic certification, meaning that all of its carefully selected ingredients are 100% organic. Each ingredient is non-GMO and contains no potentially harmful chemicals. The gentle blend of beeswax and sunflower oil is well tolerated by virtually everyone, including children and pregnant women. The Pure version is perfect if you are chemically sensitive. The Aloe Vera version is enriched with Aloe Vera leaf juice powder, using only the centre of the Aloe leaf for extra skin-soothing power.

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg


Skin Care

Moisturisers, Treatments & Oils


Aloe Vera, Pure (unscented)

Product strength

Gentle (under 12 months or hypersensitive skin)


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