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Honeycomb Face Mask with Carbon Filter

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Honeycomb Face Mask with Carbon Filter


  • Activated coconut carbon reduces exposure to all types of pollutants
  • Effective for poor air quality indoors and outdoors
  • Comfortable to wear with adjustable latex-free ear loops

Activated coconut carbon reduces exposure to all types of pollutants

This breathing mask helps to filter away smoke, acrid air, dust, pollution, fragrances, diesel fumes, mould and other particles.  A porous, lightweight, washable shell holds and seals a disposable carbon filter. The black outside material consists of military-grade steam activated coconut carbon. Two layers of particle filtration are made from plant or wood-based cellulose. The glue on the velcro dot is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.

The breathing mask frame also contains nylon/polyester, cotton, plastic encased wire and latex-free elastic. Please note this mask is not intended for occupational use and is not suitable for use in toxic gas areas or against asbestos, silica or spray paint.

Effective for poor air quality indoors, outdoors or on public transport

This versatile breathing mask can be worn anywhere, and is particularly useful for travelling on planes and buses.

Comfortable to wear with adjustable latex-free ear loops

This breathing mask has adjustable latex-free ear loops, allowing for a personal fit and long-wearing comfort, even with glasses, goggles or a helmet. The lightweight mask fits in a pocket, and you can talk and be heard while wearing it.

Please note: This mask is not intended for occupational use and does not replace industrial-strength respirators

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Mask Type

Washable Face Mask

Multi Select Filtration

Chemicals and Fumes, Dust & Dust Mite, Mould Spores, Pet Dander, Pollen, Smoke Particles


Beige, Black, Black Lace

Replacement Filter/s Required


Clothing Type

Hats, Face & Eye Masks


How to use

  • Adjust the ear loops to fit your face.
  • Place the filter inside the Honeycomb Mask so that the top of the filter is in line with the wire in the bias tape.
  • Put the mask on.
  • Press the wire nose grip under your eyes to conform to your nose.


For heavy exposure, one filter may be put inside another. Facial hair may prevent an effective seal. 

Care Instructions


The Honeycomb mask, but not the carbon filter, can be washed in cool water with an unscented detergent that does not leave a residue to clog the filter. Do not rub as rubbing could rearrange the weave of the fabric. Rinse well. To dry the mask quickly roll it in a terry cloth towel. Alternatively, hang the mask to dry.


Frequency of washing depends upon humidity, activity, and grit in the air. If breathing through the mask becomes difficult or you begin to feel a burning sensation in your chest, remove your mask and wash it. Do not dry clean. As the mask ages (washed about sixty times), the filtration becomes more “efficient,” meaning it needs to be washed more often-about every two to three hours instead of four to six hours of wearing time.


The reusable sports valves can be washed in warm water with a drop of washing up liquid, swish the closed valve, rinse, then using a clean cloth pat dry.

I Can Breathe Activated Carbon


Statement from I Can Breathe!


To our knowledge: Activated charcoal is created by heating charcoal from natural sources (coconut shell) at high temperatures when combined with a gas or agent that expands its surface. This turns the charcoal into a porous material that sucks in chemicals, toxins or other impurities from its environment.


The small filter bag is cellophane made from cellulose, an insoluble substance which is the main constituent of plant cell walls and of vegetable fibers such as cotton.


The larger Polybags are made from polyethylene, the most common form of plastic, and are used to transport a variety of sealed goods. Polyethylene consists of hydrocarbon chains with the most basic component being the ethylene molecule, consisting of 2 carbon and 4 hydrogen atoms. When ethylene molecules are combined together in straight or branched chains, polyethylene is formed.


Filter Replacement


Replace the filter when breathing becomes difficult or odour comes through, even after adjusting the nose wire. How long a filter lasts depends on sensitivities and environment.

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