I AM Organic Light Wool Duvet

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I AM Organic Light Wool Duvet


  • This pure wool duvet aids a restful and comfortable night’s sleep
  • Filled with 100% organic Welsh wool from Soil Association-certified farms
  • This lightweight duvet helps to regulate your temperature, seeing you through spring, summer and early autumn
  • Breathable, dreamy soft and naturally dust mite resistant

Enjoy a peaceful, undisturbed night’s sleep with this pure wool duvet

This gloriously soft, lightweight wool duvet harnesses the natural qualities of the ‘world’s most breathable fibre’!

If you haven’t considered wool as a duvet filling before, here’s why you should…

Wool is wonderfully breathable, helping to control the microclimate around your body. This keeps you comfortable whether it’s cool or warm in your room. Based on keratin protein, wool fibres can absorb 30% of their own weight in moisture before it begins to feel ‘damp’. This helps you to feel fresh and cool at night. Conversely, when it’s cold outside, wool can actually also insulate heat, just as it does on the sheep!

Not only is this duvet extremely comfortable, it also has naturally dust mite resistant qualities. The tiny cuticles on the wool fibres, along with the lanolin that the wool naturally contains, acts as a deterrent to house dust mites. These tiny bugs produce allergenic faeces which can cause uncomfortable symptoms in some people. The conditions inside wool duvets are almost uninhabitable for dust mites, making this a sound choice.

The natural resilience of wool fibre means that it retains its shape and ‘bouncy’ feel over time, making it a lofty and soft filling for duvets.

Filled with 100% pure organic Welsh wool

This I AM Organic lightweight wool duvet is proudly filled with wool, sourced directly from Soil Association certified organic farms in North Wales.  After being purchased directly from local farmers, the wool is then carefully graded and separated by the wool merchant, to ensure that only the highest quality wool is used within your duvet. Once graded, the wool is washed thoroughly at a UK scouring plant to remove any residual dirt or grease. It is then finely carded into fluffy fibres, quilted and sewn into the organic cotton cover.

The organic cotton cover is sourced from China, and carries the Global Organic Textile Standard certification (a high standard of textile processing which requires the product to meet a variety of ecological and social standards).

This duvet is completely pure and free from harsh chemical treatments, making this a perfect choice for those who want to avoid items containing synthetic chemicals. It’s also sustainable – wool is a renewable resource and is itself biodegradable.

Lightweight – ideal for spring, summer and early autumn

Ideal if you prefer a lighter weight duvet, this wool duvet is perfect for use in the warmer months. The filling weight is 300-350gms per square meter, making this similar to a 4-8 tog rating as a general guide. Due to its natural temperature regulation qualities, wool can be considered to be both warmer and cooler than a polyester or feather filled duvet!

As this product has undergone no harsh chemical treatments, you may notice the natural smell of wool on your mattress topper. For this reason, you may wish to air out your wool mattress topper for around 24 hours before use.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Bedding Characteristics

Dust Mite Resistant

Casing Material

100% organic cotton

Thread Count



Classic Flute



Bed Size

Single, Double, King, Super King




Suitable for Tumble Drying

No – spin and line dry

Duvet Sizes

Single: 135cm x 200cm


Double: 200cm x 200cm


King: 225cm x 220cm


Super King: 260cm x 220cm

Care Instructions


We recommend hand washing this duvet, although it can be washed at 30°c on a dedicated wool cycle.
Spin and line dry. Do not tumble dry.


Please note: Due to the pure natural materials used within this product and the lack of harsh chemical bleaches and treatments, you might notice that this duvet has a slight natural smell (which some people in fact find to be quite pleasant!) If you don’t like the smell, not to worry – it dissipates very quickly.

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