Imperial Double for Fluoride, Chlorine and Bacteria Removal

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Imperial Double for Fluoride, Chlorine and Bacteria Removal

  • Filtered water on tap without the need of filter jugs
  • Quick and easy to install under the sink
  • Filters to meet your requirements
  • Our water filter cartridges have been independently tested
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Filtered water on tap without the need of filter jugs

The Imperial Double Plastic Undersink Unit  gives you unlimited filtered water. Perfect for drinking, cooking and for filling your kettle.

Quick and easy to install under the sink

The Imperial Double Plastic Undersink Unit  only requires basic level DIY. You can easily fit it yourself. Some do choose to use a plumber and if so it should be an inexpensive job due to the nature of the installation. It fits in a standard kitchen cupboard under the sink. Comes complete with a standard tap.

Filter for the First Filter Pod:.
The Fluoride filter reduces fluoride for healthier drinking water. Whether added or natural, fluoride in water raises many concerns for your health and well being. The fluoride filter will remove up to 75% of the fluoride.

Filter for the Second Filter Pod:
The Ceramax filter has a broad filter capacity including bacteria, chlorine, cysts, heavy metals, particles and trace organics. If you live in an area with particularly high impurities in your tap water this would be the filter for you. It’s great for all your cooking and drinking water.

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Water Filtration

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Click here to download the Imperial user manual

Healthy House®  CeraMax Filter Information

The cartridges are based on a Imperial Ceramic pre-filter shell.  Inside the ceramic shell is a post-filter block carbon insert which is manufactured by combining powdered carbon blends with lead scavengers to form a tightly packed matrix.  The cartridge is open both ends for easy installation into standard 10″ housings.


Pathogenic bacteria – Tests performed by AlControl Laboratories


Cholera – >99.9999%
Typhoid – >99.9999%
Salmonella – 99.9999%
Serratia – 99.9999%
E.Coli – 99.9999%
Feacal Coliform – >99.9999%



Cryptosporidium – 100%
Parvum – 100%
Giardia Lamblia – 100%


Sediment – 0.8 micron Absolute Rated; 0.2 – 0.45 micron with a filtration efficiency of >99.93% (based on tests by IBR Laboratories).   This is significantly more efficient than the Doulton Ultracarb filter, which can only claim a nominal filtration efficiency at 0.5 micron.


Plastic Particles/Fibres in Drinking Water

In a study in 2017, 72% of the water samples tested in the UK, Germany and France contained plastic particles/fibres. Within the study of tap water, it was likely that the nanoparticles were present alongside the fibres, but this was not measured. Worryingly, once the particles are in the nanometre range, they can penetrate cells and possibly organs. This investigation caught particles of more than 2.5 microns in size, which is 2,500 times bigger than a nanometre.


Organic Chemicals

Organic solvents


Volatile Organic Chemical Compounds




Taste and Odour

Hydrogen Sulfide


Lead Removal

Lead is seldom found naturally in domestic water supply but can result from the dissolution of lead pipes which may still be in use in old water systems.  The Zeolite metal ion reduction medium in the CeraUltra element effectively reduces the lead content in drinking water.


Trace Organics Removal

One of the main properties of activated carbon is that it will remove organic compounds. Additionally the activated carbon in our filters has an affinity for hormone based steroids such as oestrogens so should help to remove them to some extent, testing is in its infancy so we are currently unable to make an accurate claim to the extent of the removal.

Filter Replacement Service


Whether you purchase air purifiers, dehumidifiers or water filters, or any of their replacement parts we offer you peace of mind. We will add your name to our reminder service. In accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines we will send you a gentle reminder that your unit may need replacement parts. Maintaining its efficiency will continue providing you a healthier environment.


We will be able to supply you with your required replacements. We maintain stock levels of filters and cartridges even after a manufacturer may bring the original unit to an end. This means our customers can rest assured of our commitment to servicing their requirements long into the future.


If you do not wish to be included in our service then we can simply unsubscribe you. Similarly, if you have not purchased the units or replacements from us before you may ask to be included in our service for future use.


With best wishes


                             The Healthy House® Team

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