Lumie Desklamp

Lumie Desklamp


  • Stylish alternative to traditional light box design
  • Increases energy and helps relieve S.A.D
  • Touch-control lighting with four light levels
  • UV-free and energy efficient

Just as sunlight naturally makes you feel good, topping up with extra bright light in the winter months, or when you’re stuck indoors, is proven to put you in a better mood and make you feel more awake. Using Lumie Desklamp every day makes a big difference to symptoms of SAD such as tiredness, over-eating and a lack of energy and motivation.

Stylish alternative to traditional light box design

This stylish design with a high contrast light and adjustable neck for reading and focused tasks makes the Lumie desklamp not only great for the winter months but also a must have for any home office or at work.

Increases energy and helps relieve S.A.D

The Lumie desklamp is Independently verified to deliver the industry standard 10,000 lux at only 20cm. The recommended treatment time with soft light: 60 minutes and a removable diffuser brings treatment time down to 30 minutes. It can, however, be switched on all day.


The touch control offers four lighting levels and with white LEDs which are blue-enriched in the part of the spectrum known for regulating your body clock, this lamp is not only great for your energy levels but also an excellent practical choice for your desk. The light box measures, height 55cm, width 29cm and depth 20cm.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Rent or Purchase?


Severity of S.A.D


Distance of 10,000LX



10,000lx at 22cm


96 blue-enriched white LEDs


Manuals & Documents

Click to download Lumie Desklamp User Guide

Delivery Information


For Lumie purchases

Please note that delivery of this item can take up to 3 working days and the direct delivery charge is £6.00.

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