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Mould Testing Kit

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Mould Testing Kit


  • Mould test kit to be used at home
  • Easy to use and with clear instructions
  • Use immediately then store for up to 7 days to see results
  • Interpret your findings



Mould Testing kit 

A mould testing kit is a good first port of call in order to give you a visual representation of mould colonies, yeasts and secondary contaminations.

If mould is suspected it is important to locate the hot spots in your home, before addressing any root causes (such as leaks, condensation/poor ventilation)) and then consider an action plan to keep it in check.

Remember mould spores can remain dormant until the environment changes in their favour.

Contents of a Mould Testing Kit 

When purchasing, select either 1, 2, 4 or 6 mould settle plates.

Each kit comes with a protective plastic bags for settle plates, labels, rubber bands and full instructions.

How do I use my Mould Testing Kit? 

The plate must be placed in position in your nominated room.

It will need to stand there, with the lid off for one hour.

After this time has passed, the lid will need to be attached and the plate incubated in room temperature for up to 7 days.

Please see the manual and documents tab for full instructions.

Scroll through the images to see the results of a mould test!

What next? 

  • A weather station or hygrometer will help to monitor humidity and a dehumidifier will help to keep this in check where required
  • Consider improving ventilation
  • Allergy sprays give effective quick results helping to neutralise the spores addressing those that are airborne or may be on upholstery etc.
  • An air purifier will actively remove airborne mould spores by trapping them in a filter
  • An Airfree air steriliser (will incinerate them on impact) but needs two weeks to reach optimum levels.  We have seen results in as little as five days. See image of a plate with very few activity spots after an airfree has been in situ.

Manuals & Documents


DN-Micro Mould Home Test Kit Instructions

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