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Organic Cotton Pillow Cases (2 pack)

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Organic Cotton Pillow Cases (2 pack)


  • Completely organic and free from chemical treatments
  • Enjoy the luxury of sleeping on a 100% natural and organic pillow case
  • Cases have Tagua nut buttons
  • Ideal for all year use – smooth and cool to the skin
  • Unbleached and comes in a natural ecru shade

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Completely organic and free from chemical treatments

This pillow case offers the luxurious feeling of quality cotton with the assurance that it has never been through any chemical processing. The thread count is 145 threads per inch and it is unbleached and undyed.

Organic bedding is ideal for use if you are chemically sensitive or if you simply want the peace of mind that you are not being exposed to any chemical ‘off-gassing’ while you sleep.

These pillow cases carry the IVN (International Natural Textile Association) organic certification.

Ideal for all year use – smooth and cool to the skin

Pure organic cotton bedding can be used all year round, is comfortable and cool to the skin.

Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg
Cover Material

100% Cotton, Organic

Thread Count

145 threads per inch


Suitable for Tumble Drying

Tumble on low setting


50 x 75cm

Organic Bedding

Why choose organic bedding?

Most people are aware of the importance of eating foods free from pesticides and using toiletries and cleaning products without harsh chemicals. Yet organic bedding is often dismissed as being a luxury or unnecessary. At The Healthy House, we believe this is far from the case and there are great reasons to go ‘chemical-free’.


We spend around a third of our lives in bed, so it’s vital that our beds are healthy environments. There are many factors to consider when making a ‘healthy bed’. Scrutinising the chemicals actually used to manufacture your bedding is one such factor. Proper laundry care using gentle detergents and dust mite-proofing are other important factors.


What chemicals are used in synthetic bedding?

In the shops, bedding always looks so perfectly white, clean and crisp in its packaging. However, most synthetic bedding has actually undergone a great deal of chemical processing to look that ‘pure’.


Chemicals such as fluoropolymers, optical brighteners, fire retardants, harsh dyes are all often used in the manufacture of synthetic bedding. Some items of ‘easycare’, non-iron bedding and memory foam mattresses may even give off small amounts of formaldehyde vapours over time. Chemicals like this can ‘off-gas’ over time, which may cause you to breathe in or absorb tiny amounts of VOCs overnight. If you’re concerned about the off-gassing of mattresses, you can learn more about organic mattresses here.


These toxins can not only irritate sensitive skin; they can also cause flare-ups of unpleasant symptoms in those with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). This condition causes those who have it to experience unpleasant health effects (ranging from depression to headaches) as a result of exposure to certain chemicals. People with MCS react to chemicals at even low concentrations which other people can tolerate. That’s why organic bedding is beneficial if you are chemically sensitive – it hasn’t been treated with any harsh additives.


Doesn’t washing the bedding remove all these chemicals?

Washing your bed linens and bedding doesn’t actually remove all of these toxins. It has been estimated that washing only removes 60% of them.


What does organic cotton bed linen feel like?

Since so many synthetic bed linens are chemically treated to make them ‘easycare’ or ‘non iron, the texture of organic cotton is obviously not as smooth. This is the texture and purity that nature intended. However, we’ve worked hard to source the finest quality organic cotton to produce our bed linens here at The Healthy House. These are still soft, breathable and comfortable against the skin, with a high thread count. If softness and comfort is a top priority, our flannelette cotton organic bed linens are a great choice.


I’ve got natural cotton bedding, isn’t that enough?

Cotton comes from a plant, so non-organic cotton has often been grown using pesticides and insecticides.  Not all natural cotton is pure! However, if you can’t stretch to organic cotton bed linens, natural is a great compromise. Just look for an independent certification like OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 to ensure that no harmful chemicals have been used in its manufacture. All of the natural bed linens we offer carry this certification.


How do I care for my organic bedding and linens?

We recommend using the gentlest laundry products (preferably natural or organic) to care for your organic bedding. This helps to minimise your exposure to harsh chemicals. For care instructions of each item, please check the product information. 


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