Pure Alpaca Duvet with Organic Cotton Casing

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Pure Alpaca Duvet with Organic Cotton Casing


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  • Snuggle up in this exquisite duvet filled with 100% first grade alpaca fleece
  • Encased in the finest quality cotton cover for an opulent feel
  • Completely natural and dust mite resistant for an undisturbed night’s sleep
  • Feel refreshed as the hollow alpaca fibres absorb moisture and help to regulate your body temperature
  • This versatile lightweight duvet (tog guide 7.5-10.5) keeps you comfortable throughout all four seasons

The ultimate in natural bedding luxury

Each of these duvets is skilfully handmade using the highest grade, softest white alpaca wool. It is then covered with the finest grade soft cream cotton (above a 200 thread count) to provide the ultimate in natural bedding luxury.

These lightweight duvets are manufactured by a family firm in the Pennine Hills of Yorkshire. The superfine alpaca wool is sourced from over 400 farms here in the UK.

Wake refreshed each morning from a rejuvenating night’s sleep

Alpaca wool is a perfect choice for a duvet filling. This incredibly versatile fibre is responsive to your individual body heat, reacting to ambient temperature changes and regulating moisture levels.

How does it do this? As the alpaca is native to the high cold deserts of the Andes, their dry fleece has evolved to keep them warm at night and cool during the day. This is the property that makes the fibre perfect for you to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep as it regulates your body temperature. The fibre is able to wick away moisture, keeping you cool and dry when it’s hot. The temperature regulating qualities also make this duvet suitable for use 12 months of the year – making it an economical and convenient choice!

This four seasons lightweight duvet has a tog guide of 7.5-10.5. The responsive nature of the fibre means that the warmth level is dependent upon the person using the duvet.

Ideal for allergies and skin sensitivities

Alpaca can be described as a naturally anti-allergen fibre. The medullated, naturally hollow fibre within the alpaca fleece has very low lanolin content. The medulla in the centre of the fibre breaks away as the fleece grows, creating little empty pockets along each of the fine hairs. On the outside of each fibre there are less scales than on other fibres, resulting in less friction, a smoother feel, increased durability and fewer allergens.

The medullated fibre makes alpaca wool a naturally hostile environment for house dust mites, which can cause symptoms like sneezing and wheezing in those who are allergic. House dust mites are also linked to eczema in some sufferers. This alpaca duvet is therefore not only a luxuriant but also hygienic choice.

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