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Replacement Filters for Honeycomb Face Mask (5 pack)

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Replacement Filters for Honeycomb Face Mask (5 pack)


  • Replacement filters fit the honeycomb mask with activated coconut carbon filter

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Replacement filters fit the honeycomb masks

Replace the filter when breathing becomes difficult or odour comes through, even after adjusting the nose wire. How long a filter lasts depends on sensitivities and environment.  With regular use each filter should last upto 40hrs. Keep remaining filters in the cellophane to avoid pollutants being absorbed.

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Weight 1 kg

I Can Breathe Activated Carbon


Statement from I Can Breathe!


To our knowledge: Activated charcoal is created by heating charcoal from natural sources (coconut shell) at high temperatures when combined with a gas or agent that expands its surface. This turns the charcoal into a porous material that sucks in chemicals, toxins or other impurities from its environment.


The small filter bag is cellophane made from cellulose, an insoluble substance which is the main constituent of plant cell walls and of vegetable fibers such as cotton.


The larger Polybags are made from polyethylene, the most common form of plastic, and are used to transport a variety of sealed goods. Polyethylene consists of hydrocarbon chains with the most basic component being the ethylene molecule, consisting of 2 carbon and 4 hydrogen atoms. When ethylene molecules are combined together in straight or branched chains, polyethylene is formed.


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