Sinus Plumber Sea Salt Nasal Spray

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Sinus Plumber Sea Salt Nasal Spray


  • Clinically tested – starts providing sinus relief in as little as 30 seconds
  • Homeopathic all natural nasal spray – metered dose
  • May help to relieve the symptoms of rhinitis, sinus congestion, sinus pressure and headaches
  • Intras=nasal application of salone is shown to relieve a variety of synus symptoms
  • 30 day money back guarantee

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Sinus Plumber nasal spray is an “all natural”, chemical free, homeopathic nasal spray carefully formulated from ingredients that are commonly used in food products. There are no additives or preservatives of any kind, no yeast or grains and no steroids. It is suitable for adults and children twelve years and older.

Sinus Plumber combines Sea Salt with natural full spectrum Hemp Oil Extract to provide the ultimate in sinus healthy.  Use when needed to moisturise and sooth nasal passages while flushing out allergens that cause symptoms related to nasal alleries, Rhinitis and Sinusitis. The combination of these 100% Natural ingredients works well to releive and prevent common allergy and sinus symptoms including congestion and inflammation.  The formula contains an abundance of non-psychoactive cannabinoids including CBD, but does not contain measurable amounts of THC

Can be used as needed for ages 12 and up.  Ensure cap is replaced after every usage.

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Sinus Plumber nasal spray is an "all natural", chemical free, nasal spray carefully formulated from ingredients that are commonly used in food products.


How to use

Adults and children twelve years of age and older:  Spray 1 – 3 times in each nostril while holding the other nostril closed.


The homeopathic nasal spray contains the following active ingredients


Sea Salt  ……………………..  Moisturises nasal passages
Hemp Oil Extract  …………  Reduces sinus inflammation
Scotch Pine Oil  ……………  Relieves nasal congestion


Other ingredients
Purified water, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Vegetable Glycerin, Rosemary Extract, Green Tea Extract, Potassium Sorbate.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee


  • Only products that show the 30 day money back guarantee can be returned regardless of the condition or extent of use
  • Products must be returned to The Healthy House® within 30 days of purchase
  • A full refund for the price of the product (but not the postage) will be issued upon receipt of the returned product
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to return products to the correct location (The Healthy House®) at their own expense
  • It would be helpful to know the reasons for disatisfaction with the product so that they can be relayed to the manufacturer
  • The customer must supply name, address and contact number please

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