smartDOT EMF Harmoniser 5 Pack

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smartDOT EMF Harmoniser 5 Pack


  • Huge saving on our 5 pack of smartDOTs: single smartDOT is usually £25.00, double pack £35.00, 5 pack is just £60.00! 
  • Programmed to retune or harmonise electromagnetic radiation from electronic equipment
  • Simply attach one to all your devices such as mobile or smart phones, DECT phones, tablets, laptops, Smart Meters, baby monitors and Wi-Fi routers
  • Suitable for electrosensitivity or anyone concerned about the potential long-term health problems associated with EMF exposure
  • Size – 34mm diameter

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Programmed to retune or harmonise electromagnetic radiation from electronic equipment

Living in a digital world we are constantly bombarded by electromagnetic fields modern devices such as tablets, DECT phones, smartphones, Wi-Fi, smart meters and games consoles.

We are also exposed to electrical fields from electrical appliances and wiring.

Since our bodies act as an antenna it tends to pick up fields to which it is exposed. The immediate effects vary from person to person. An electrically sensitive person will be very aware of the symptoms they are experiencing when exposed to electromagnetic fields. Less sensitive people may not feel they are being affected at all. None of us know the long term effects of electromagnetic exposure.

The smartDOT is the core of the energydot range. It combines the technology of the previous electrodot and wi-fi dot, and has been designed to retune or harmonise  electromagnetic radiation into a frequency that is more in harmony with a natural healthy state.

Designed to be attached to electronic devices at home, in the office or on the go. The DOT itself is a magnet, which stores information in the same way that a video tape or magnetic stripe on a credit card store information. With energyDOTs exclusive Programmed Harmonic Interface Technology, naturally occuring energy signatures are stored into the device. The smartDOT works like a tuning fork. Using the ‘principle of entrainment’, the resonance within the smartdot re-tunes the EMFs into a more natural frequency in harmony with the body, reducing the unpleasant symptoms which can occur as the body tries to defend itself against man-made EMFs.

Conveniently attaches to devices such as mobile phones, DECT phones, iPads, Laptops and Wi-Fi routers

For a cordless or mobile phone, the smartdot can be inserted into the battery compartment if it will fit. Otherwise, simply peel off the protective backing paper and attach the dot to your device. Stick one onto any electronic equipment or wireless device that you feel discomfort in using or you feel contributes to any experience of symptoms of electrostress. It’s also ideal for use on smart meters, baby monitors and tablets.

Ideally you would put one DOT on any electronic device. It does not need to go in a specific position on your equipment. If you have a computer with a wireless keyboard and a monitor you will only need one smartdot. Ideal for use if you are electrosensitive, or concerned about the potential long-term health problems associated with EMF exposure.

smartDOTs should be replaced every 2 years if you have upgraded your devices such as WiFi router, smartphone, laptop, tablet, (since the programming on smartDOTs is being upgraded constantly to keep abreast of current technologies). The old DOT will still be valid and can be placed on something else such as a electric device (hair dryer, fridge, electric blanket). 

There are numerous reasons for tiredness, lack of concentration, headaches, dizziness, irritability and depression. If you suffer from any of these and have eliminated all obvious causes, it is possible that they relate to EMF radiation exposure.

Symptoms of electrostress
More and more scientists are now raising awareness that the EMF radiation emitted by the devices we enjoy using could be interfering with essential electrical communication between cells in our bodies. It is believed that this can cause confusion in the body’s defence system and trigger debilitating symptoms known as electrostress.

Symptoms of electrostress can include:

  • headaches
  • insomnia
  • mood swings
  • low energy levels
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • unaccountable aches and pains


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