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WaveWall Flip Anti-Radiation Phone Case

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WaveWall Flip Anti-Radiation Phone Case


  • Reduces mobile phone radiation to your head
  • Rigorously tested by independent UK laboratory
  • Protects your phone from damage and scratches
  • Stylish faux leather case fits a variety of smart phones
  • Protects you when making calls or carrying your phone in your pocket
  • Use with Wavewall Airtubes

Reduces mobile phone radiation reaching your head and your body

We carry our mobile phones with us everywhere, yet a growing body of scientific evidence is suggesting that the electromagnetic radiation they emit might be harmful to us.

From reduced fertility to cancer and genetic damage, a wide range of ill-effects have been linked to the EMF radiation emitted by modern devices such as smartphones. Although a causative link is still yet to be established, you can read a little more about the issue here and find some examples of peer-reviewed studies.

If you’re concerned about the potential effects of being exposed to EMF radiation from your mobile phone, the WaveWall Flip can help.

The case is genuine leather with a cushioning microfibre lining to keep your phone safe and snug. Hidden between the leather and the microfibre lining is a layer of unique metallic fabric. Just like a Faraday cage, this fabric reflects over 85% of the microwaves emitted by your phone away from your body (when carrying the phone in your pocket) or your head (when making a call). It acts as a discreet shield from the potentially harmful radiation, giving you peace of mind.

The patent-pending WaveWall technology has been rigorously tested by an independent laboratory here in the UK to ensure that it lives up to its claims.

Please note that it is important to use your WaveWall Flip the correct way to get the beneficial shielding effect. When carrying your phone in your pocket, always ensure that the side with the WaveWall logo is against your body. Likewise, when you are making a phone call, make sure this side is against your head. The protective shielding material is located on this side of the case.

Stylish faux leather case with red accents

These unisex handmade cases are subtle and fit easily into a pocket or handbag compartment. They are made with durable faux leather with red stitching and a red microfibre lining. This anti-radiation iPhone case protects your phone 24/7 against damage and scratches, whilst also helping to protect you against the potentially harmful radiation it emits. Its ideal for everyone to use, particularly men who carry their mobile in their pocket and want to protect their reproductive system from the potentially damaging effects of microwaves on sperm.

Doesn’t interrupt your phone signal

Many anti-radiation phone cases available today impede mobile phone signal. Not the WaveWall! The innovative design enables you to make and receive calls and text as normal, whilst blocking the majority of the microwaves from reaching your head or your body. You’ll gain peace of mind that your body is absorbing less radiation whilst not missing any important calls or texts.

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