Wavewall Pad

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Wavewall Pad


  • Complete defense against radiation and heat
  • Made from hi-tech fabric

Complete defence against radiation and heat

The Wavewall pad is a complete defence from the heat and radiation emitted from your tablet and laptop.  Simply slip the pad between you and your laptop to not only give you a secure surface to work on, but to protect you from the WiFi and Bluetooth.  Really handy for when you are working from home or slip it into a bag or backpack for when you are out and about.

We have all noticed the warming effect on our bodies when using all the WiFi devices.  We all wonder if this is having an effect on us especially in the area of the reproductive organs. There is already scientific evidence that shows the effect on male infertility.  For women the heat and radiation can enter the body and damage cells and DNA. By simply using this well-designed little pad you can reduce the radiation by up to 85%, it would be mad not to.  Always remember to slip it into a bag or backpack for when you are out and about or simply to use when you are working from home.

We would always recommend you turn your device onto airplane mode if you are not using the internet.

Made from hi-tech fabric

Strands of silver have been woven into this high tech fabric to block the radiation passing through your body.

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Weight 1 kg



Small, Medium, Large


Wavewall Pad Sizes


17″  –  40.3 x 27.7cm

15″  –  37 x 26cm

13″  –  33 x 23.5cm

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